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The 5 Fashion Trends We Are Looking Forward To In 2021

The 5 Fashion Trends We Are Looking Forward To In 2021


The year is fast approaching its end and with 2021 in view, we have picked up a few fashion trends that are already making waves and are board to be big in the new year. 2020 might not have been the year we had envisioned but the year also brought a lot of deep insights even in the world of fashion. A S T Y L E R A V E Article.

Who would have thought that fashion weeks would go digital with everyone all around the world being in the front row? Funny how life can quickly turn cultural and industry norms upside down while humbling us all. fashion trend forecast 2021.

Looking forward to 2021 with a lot of optimism, our editors believe that these fashion trends would make waves and the best time to be ahead of the trend is right now. 

Here are the 5 fashion trends we are looking forward to in 2021…

#1. Second-skin tops

Didi Stone Olomide

Second-skin tops have been around for a little while now and come spring 2021, expect to see them on more of your fave celebrities and influencers. Made popular by designers like Marine Serre and Ganni, they are perfect for layering especially during the spring and fall seasons when the weather is just a bit cold but not quite freezing.

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They come in varying designs––from cut-outs to tattoos to graphic images and are an effortless way to make a fashion statement that says something like: “I’m cool like that!”.

Prada SS21 | Photo:

#2. Utility vests


The utility vest fashion trend grew during men’s spring-summer 2020 fashion week in Paris, Milan and London. This led to a higher demand for this look. With a change in lifestyle in 2020 due to the global pandemic, more fashion lovers became interested in utility vests as more people opted to carry less about––swapping a handbag for a vest with more than enough pockets.

#3Mini skirts

Annie Idibia

We will be going back to the 90s to bring back this fashion trend. In 2021, if you want to flaunt the legs that were stuck at home for much of 2020, a mini skirt will do the job. You can opt for leather, printed fabric, plain fabric, wear it alone or as a part of a layered ensemble.


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#4. Checkerboard print

Sade Akinosho

This is one print that is sure to overtake plaids, houndstooth, gingham, and the rest of the other check patterns. The bold print is not a newcomer but has gotten a lot more colorful with its latest return to the fashion scene. We will always love the classic black-and-white grid, but come 2021, it’s time to give more vibrant hues a chance.

#5. White boots

Juliette Foxx, Didi Stone Olomide, Tia Maria Nelson

Almost everyone owns a pair of black boots but white / off-white boots are the boots to wear in 2021. Pair them with a mini or midi dress or skirt, turtle neck, or a pair of leggings as you opt for a sleek effortless style.

Zoe Msutwana

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