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Serenity In Style! Why You Get The Best Out Of Style As Self-Care

Serenity In Style! Why You Get The Best Out Of Style As Self-Care


I‘m a firm believer in the saying “do what makes you happy,” and style as self-care galvanizes this mantra with ease. The idea of basking in fashion and having its effect be as therapeutic as it is empowering says a lot in today’s social climate. In other words, serenity in style is in and on time, and it starts with you, your closet, and your mind.

Not only does the notion of fashion and style as self-care inflate positive feelings toward self-love, but it also allows a sense of authenticity. Basically, it’s you being you. From exerting the look-good, feel-good perspective to giving you the power of choice and deliberation, it’s a healthy yet snazzy way of combatting mental pressure.

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Even more exciting, style as self-care enables versatile ways to understand and process your emotions in a positive light. Since we get the opportunity to dress ourselves every morning and set the tone of the day, why not make it an outlet for what is being felt and experienced? Through the right colors, ensemble pieces, makeup, and accessories, you get to boost your self-esteem while embracing your authenticity.

Here are 7 reasons why you get the best out of style as self-care…

#1. The look-good-feel-good mantra 

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When you pay attention to your physical self and how your outward appearance is relayed to the world, a mind-body connection is made. Essentially, you become more present in your body and it feeds off a reassuring act of care. It becomes a cycle of self-care feeding self-love, thus encouraging more self-care. And this reminds you of the control you have over how you feel about yourself. So you don’t just look good, but the streak of power that has been ascertained makes you feel good.

#2. Making changes to your wardrobe and style can influence how you view your body

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One exciting thing about style as self-care is the confidence it indents in your body image. For instance, when you get a bodycon dress that hugs your curves in the right places, it helps you embrace them with a confident take on its function. Likewise, sliding into a pair of ritzy heels can accentuate your legs in a stylish way that makes you love the way they look at that moment. Simply put, this helps you realize that your body is fine just the way it is and that fashion is always available to affirm this. 

#3. The license to choose

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You are in control of how you want to be portrayed at all times because nobody can be or do you better. Taking advantage of this power of choice, style as self-care allows you to accentuate and showcase what you want as well as hide or mask what you don’t want. So what outfits are you most comfortable in or feel like your best self in? Fashion therapy answers these and you get to establish your uniqueness while owning it unapologetically.  

#4. It shifts your focus

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It’s important to remember that whatever negative or disturbing feelings you experience at different points in your life are completely valid. However, wallowing in them isn’t a healthy option. Making your closet a distraction is very much okay. Think of that pantsuit or slogan tee that makes you feel confident and put it on. By doing so, you shift the focus off those dampening feelings onto chic pieces that help you feel powerful and put-together. 

#5. It’s a head start to other forms of self-care

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Fashion and style as self-care are one of the many avenues towards the art of tending to one’s mental health needs. When you feel low emotionally, the discomfort on the inside can be rehabilitated by a nifty aesthetic on the outside. Ultimately, dressing up in nice attire can inspire a certain level of strength to engage in activities that are refreshing or productive. Whether it’s taking a walk with your dog in your favorite pair of boots or rocking a trendy co-ord set for your next Zoom meeting, the decision is yours to make. 

#6. Style as self-care can help with unraveling self-identity crises 

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The clothes we wear play a big role in deciphering who we are and what our personalities are made of. Through the pieces we put on every day, we are able to recognize the best ways to highlight our true identities. When we do this deliberately, it’s possible to stop negative thought patterns and emotions from falsifying who we truly embody at heart. 

#7. You get to practice mindfulness every day 

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As American fashion photographer Bill Cunningham once said, “Fashion is the armor to survive the reality of everyday life.” This very expression captures the idea of style as self-care and what it can do to your mental health. It creates a weapon that’s accessible, authentic, and purposeful. So when you use it on those gloomy days or even every day, you practice being mindful.

It’s okay to not be okay. It’s also okay to take care of yourself in ways that feel desirable to you. So take it one day, one outfit, and one practice at a time, because you’re enough and you always will be. 

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