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8 Essential Travel Items You Need In Your Luggage At All Times

8 Essential Travel Items You Need In Your Luggage At All Times


It’s a fact that humans love to travel and for those who say they don’t, for the most part, it could be because they don’t have the means to do so. Of course, there are also chronic homebodies who would rather sit at home than venture out for one reason or the other. However, generally speaking, we are social creatures who love to explore new sights and sounds. Travel essentials women 

Traveling is a lot of fun but it can also be very stressful. From the packing to the unpacking, some of us wish we had someone else to take care of those little details. No matter how much you plan, in some way or another, there’s always going to be some oversight but that shouldn’t take the fun away from any traveling experience!

Knowing the essential travel items you need in your suitcase can save you a lot of headaches and heartaches when you get to your destination. Regardless of whether you’re packing a backpack or a suitcase, it’s what’s inside that counts. And on that note, we have put together a list of absolute must-have travel items – besides your means of identification – just for you.

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#1. Microfiber travel towel

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This is no doubt an essential travel item that’s flexible enough to satisfy multiple needs. First, it’s microfiber — which means that it dries pretty fast, and that’s important when you’re on the move. In addition, it does a better job than most towels found in affordable hotels. Finally, this towel can double as a blanket should you need it.  

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#2. Compression bags

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Oh, bless the soul that invented these lifesavers. Compression bags provide the pleasure of organizing your suitcase and stuffing it without taking up a ton of space. Simply lay your folded clothes inside, then roll up the bag to push all the air out. You are then left with super flat clothes that take up 50% less space. And let’s not forget that they are clear, which makes your airport security experience go much more smoothly compared to travel cubes which are usually opaque.

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#3. Luggage tracker

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If you’ve ever lost luggage, you know it sucks. And what’s even worse is if you never recover it. Save yourself the heartbreak by getting a luggage tracker to keep you informed about where your bags are in real-time. How does it work? Attach these smart luggage tags to your bags, and if they get lost, just activate the code on the website to start tracking. Most bags are recovered within 24 hours.

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#4. Power bank and charger

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These are items a lot of people tend to forget especially because they are used to charging their phones in the same spot every time. It’s always better to have one permanently in your suitcase for trips plus you don’t want to spend your extra cash a buying new one. In addition, your power bank gives your phone the boost it needs on the go, especially with the need to capture those precious moments. Finally, if you’ll be traveling across countries, don’t forget to throw in a universal adaptor. Travel essentials women

#5. Sunscreen


Most people of African descent erroneously think they don’t need sunscreen because black don’t crack. Of course, black don’t crack, but sunscreen will not only save you from aging but also skin cancer. In addition, sunscreen on women of color does a lot to protect your skin from the sun’s rays which can lead to uneven skin tone and exacerbate the presence of hyperpigmentation and dark spots.

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#6. Baby wipes

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I’m always an advocate for baby wipes because if they are safe for babies, then you don’t need to worry about reacting to them especially if you have sensitive skin. Whether you have a baby or not, the uses are endless and you’ll soon wonder how you ever lived without them. From wiping off makeup and dust to using it for a quick refresh, these come in handy every day, every time, especially when you’re on the move.

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#7. Toiletry bag travel essentials women

Photo: Shiny Diamond/Pexels

You may think that you are a pro when it comes to packing until you reach your destination only to realize that you forgot your toothbrush and toothpaste after using them on the day of your trip. If possible, always have an extra toiletry bag that never leaves your suitcase after every trip. Your toiletry bag should contain your toothbrush, toothpaste, body lotions, sunscreen, lip balm, bathing soap and shampoo in travel-sized bottles. Remember to check the expiration dates on these items each time before zipping up your luggage!

#8. Headphones

Photo: Cottonbro/Pexels

Music and traveling go hand in hand. This is what makes headphones/earphones essential travel items. However, you don’t just need any old headphones, as you may soon find out. The headphones that are perfect for your 30-minute commute are uncomfortable on longer journeys and don’t cancel out the sound of a jet engine. So, think wire headphones or Bluetooth earphones. These also come in handy when you need to take your calls and move your luggage around at the same time.

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