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12 Stylish Ways To Rock The Embroidered Fashion Trend

12 Stylish Ways To Rock The Embroidered Fashion Trend



mbroidered clothes and accessories should be part of your wardrobe for an effortless classy yet rustic look. Few fashion items can really incorporate that homely vibe into your closet than some good ol’ embroidered pieces. Whether you opt for a full-on embroidered frock or you choose to add a few details here and there, you will find that the latest embroidered fashions transcend beyond the festive looks we’re so used to and have landed a place on the high fashion streets. Hey!

Embroidered patterns are totally in––and a glance at the high fashion runways and modern brands like FARM Rio proves this point. However, you don’t need to break an arm and a leg purchasing yours as with a few skills (thank you grandma), you can make the most of what you have. In other words, you could easily modify the clothes and accessories you own or have a professional do it for you.

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Perhaps, this fine detailing on clothes and accessories reminds you of your childhood when you spent holidays with your grandmother, and she tried to teach you a few tricks about stitching. Well, if you want to DIY your way into this fad, then the painful hours you spent with a thread and needlepoint under grandma’s supervision are about to pay off! Based on recent trends, we have curated 12 stylish ways to wear embroidered clothing and accessories to make your wardrobe unique this season and beyond.

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#1. Select a perfect fit

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First off, you’ll need to select something that’s a perfect fit. A good trick is to hire an experienced tailor to help with the measurements as well as patterns and designs. You’ll be more comfortable knowing that you’re wearing a well-polished embroidered outfit by a professional. You could also get quality embroidered clothes from stalls or online shops like Shop Strange Screen Printing & Embroidery, among others. 

#2. Balance proportions 

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To become truly stylish and presentable, you must learn to balance your proportions. Style your outfit and come up with an all-inclusive aesthetic consonance. You don’t want to wear just any embroidered outfit because they’re in fashion, and everyone loves them. They may look good on your friends but that doesn’t mean they’ll be perfect for you.

Develop your signature style by finding embroidery patterns and designs that match your body shape and size. For instance, try pairing an embroidered wide-legged pant with a fitting off-shoulder crop top.

#3. Try a boho-style top


Embroidered details are the rave of the moment, such as seaming around the neckline or full-on flower-patterned decals. A boho-style peasant top or blouse with a flowing silhouette and neck tassels will perfectly match your classic capris and short or maxi skirts. But you’re not limited to only boho-style tops and blouses. You can select something else of your preference to add that carefree notion to your collection.

#4. Do the elevated casual “thing”

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You can still also find the perfect embroidery piece when elevated casual is the goal. Perhaps, wear a simple embroidered jacket and match it with blue or black jeans for an elevated casual appeal. You may also find a pair of stitched denim shorts a good alternative. Pair it with a t-shirt you like and sandals for that simple, casual look you’re going for.

#5. Invest in a colorful embroidered clutch


People see personality in your fashion. Get yourself an embroidered clutch bag and watch other embroidery-lovers suddenly want to connect with you. Instead of picking a plain handbag that matches your neutral dress, select a stitched alternative with patterns of different colors, ensuring that at least one of the secondary colors matches your outfit color. A good example is to choose an embroidered maxi cloth bag with white and blue flowers and match that with your blue or white outfit. This way, you’ll certainly be stylish, classy, and trendy without missing a beat.

#6. Finish the look with an embroidered hat

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Rocking an embroidered hat is next level fashion star. As odd as it sounds, embroidered hats bring out the child in you! Choose colorful but splendid hat designs to match your outfits.

Whether you prefer baseball caps, beanies, cowboy hats, or bowler hats, you can have them embroidered with the logo of your favorite football club or just about any design you want.

#7. Add embroidery shoes


Few things compare to the power of good shoes. Lucky for you, you can find embroidery on shoes or sandals in just about any fashion shop. These options may be laced or slipped on to make them more comfortable and perfect for daily wear. Like any other accessory, they come in different colors and designs, but you’ll most certainly love the embroidered slip-on.

#8. Rock embroidered pants

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Although you may prefer plain pants for the office or a night out, they’re somewhat dull. Luckily, a few DIY embroidery touches here and there brightens the mood. Add a playful vibe with trendy embroidery pants that go with just about any blouse.

Muted-tone polka dot pants and vine pants are very comfortable and can work for the office (depending on your office dress culture) or for running errands in town. Maybe consider wearing embroidered jeans for a night out. If you’re in doubt, you can begin with small patches of embroidery in less-obvious places like pockets, and then graduate to your jean legs. 

#9. Add embroidered earrings to your outfit


Try something new for the summer and opt for embroidered earrings. Put on those long, flashy earrings you’ve always shied from, as they do well to add a bold statement to your look. Summer’s almost over so now’s the best time to loosen up a little and dress for the moment. 

Show up in embroidery details to that outdoor BBQ you were invited to with dashing, eye-catching colors. If you’re a little shy and don’t like much attention, then go for some neutral tassels.


#10. Layer up with an embroidered jean jacket

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Consider elevating your street style with an embroidered jacket, if the weather is more temperamental. When it gets cold, don’t throw on just any boring hoody or coat; go for cool options like a denim jacket. Putting on an embroidered denim jacket is a great way to cover against the cold and, at the same time, maintain a stylish look.

#11. Define your look with a belt

Add a plain belt to that embroidered dress. It’s the easiest way to make your outfit more stylish and more put-together. If that floral dress is too voluminous for your body shape, you may not look as presentable but adding a belt transforms this into a totally fashionable look.

#12. Elevate the night with an embroidered nightie

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Embroidered details also apply to your night garments. An embroidered nightie is an excellent way to make you feel better dressed, even if you’re just getting ready for bed. For a kinky kick, include erotic text or graphics to turn your partner on. Wink!

DIY: Types of clothes to embroider

If you’re thinking of customizing your wardrobe with DIY embroidery techniques, you must know which clothes you can embroider. A medium-weight fabric with fewer stretch properties makes stitching manageable as it won’t warp or stretch with time. So consider clothes made of linen blend, denim, or cotton canvas materials. However, it’s still possible for you to embroider on stretchy elastic clothes, but it’ll require more practice and effort.

Essential embroidery supplies

You’ll only need a few essential things to pull this off. They are:

  • Embroidery Floss: Get hold of some quality floss that won’t shrink or color off when washed. The most common threads used to embroider clothes are stranded cotton floss, pearl cotton floss, silk, wool, sewing threads, and others. Thread organizers are not necessary, but you may want to consider them.
  • Scissors: You don’t necessarily need scissors to embroider, but you’ll need them to cut off thread ends or one or two mistake stitches. Consider one with wide, comfy handles and small blades. You may also need a bigger pair of scissors to cut the fabric around the hoop.
  • Crewel Needles: An embroidery needle has an ‘eye’ that’s a little bigger to accommodate the thread. They come in different sizes, and it’s up to you to choose one that’ll fit your choice of embroidery thread without leaving a hole in your fabric. You may also need some needle storage to avoid losing your needles.
  • Fabric Mark Pens: You’ll need fabric marker pens or pencils for marking your fabrics. The marks will help guide you on where to embroider. Pencils are easier to erase than mark pens, but you should consider one that’s the best for your needs.
  • Hoops: Hoops help you stretch your fabric to make it simpler to embroider and, at the same time, prevent puckering and wrinkles. They come in different sizes and shapes with varying materials.
  • Fabric: You can’t embroider without something to stitch on. You’ll need a good embroidery fabric to pull off a perfect pattern. Consider using cotton canvas fabrics and sturdier needles for thicker materials.


Your fashion sense tells the world about you, your personality, and your style, so you never want to give off the wrong vibe. If you’re the kind of girl given to a rustic flair, then hop on this trend by considering the above guidelines. You can define your style by making a bold statement with embroidered clothes and accessories. As mentioned, it’s not hard to customize your wardrobe by making the adjustments yourself. But for a more polished look, a stylist or design house can help you. They can advise you on the appropriate embroidered graphics, patterns, or texts to add to your outfits. Moreover, they’ll assess the material characteristics and advice accordingly.  

Embroidered clothes and accessories give you a truly unique look. Feel free to play around with various options that feel fashionable until you find your magic!

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