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Elan Cafe London Has Some Of The Coolest Travel Destination Photos Ever! See Proofs

Elan Cafe London Has Some Of The Coolest Travel Destination Photos Ever! See Proofs


You know there’s just that one place everyone seems to be raving about and your entire time line seems to look the same because everyone is uploading pictures from the same location; Elan Cafe is that place. Blogger friendly, with the right atmosphere, it is little wonder why people absolutely love this little spot sitting in Mayfair, opposite Hyde Park and the Dorchester hotel.

The Cafe which hasn’t been open for quite long has become a favourite for celebrities, bloggers, and tourists. Apart from yummy treats and great coffee, the floral wall, pastel colours, and entire decor are more reasons why the Cafe is so popular. It serves to give off the perfect picturesque ambiance that feed people these days.

And you can bet nothing about this cafe is accidental. In fact, every decor and everything about it was strategically planned. According to their site, “Our vision is to create London’s finest coffee destination. Our aesthetic is chic and contemporary, and our Mediterranean-inspired menu is bold and fresh, formulated for a discriminating palette with a focus on wellbeing and quality.”

Just a little cafe opened not even up to two years, Elan has gained popularity so much that another branch was opened on Brompton Road, in Knightsbridge in December of last year. This branch is yet another Insta worthy heaven thanks to its ambiance; the perfect environment to capture lifestyle shots, which we all know bloggers these days die for.

If ever you were to visit London this summer or any other time, Elan Cafe is the place to be. These pictures taken at the Cafe will convince you.

Here’s a look at some of the coolest pictures taken at the Elan Cafe…


Photo Credit: IG | Elan Cafe (Location) – As Captioned 

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