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Is Egg Freezing the Ultimate Solution for Women Battling the Career Vs Biological Clock Issue?

Is Egg Freezing the Ultimate Solution for Women Battling the Career Vs Biological Clock Issue?


As an “older” lady, especially one who’s yet to have a child, you may have heard the phrase “you don’t have much time on your side” or “age is catching up with you” one too many times. For many working-class women all around the world, there’s a constant war between having a baby or focusing on career advancement. This dilemma is all too common in societies where women are increasingly becoming the household head.

These days, it seems as though there’s almost no biological issue that science doesn’t have an answer to and for women, egg freezing is the ultimate solution to the fear of losing out on the motherhood experience due to career strongholds. Finally, women can be at peace with their age. No longer does the pressure of having a baby when you’re not ready or even marrying Mr Wrong in a hurry have to weigh you down.

It’s become such a paralyzing issue that recently, in 2014, tier 1 companies like “Facebook and Apple announced their decision to offer to pay for female employees to freeze their eggs, in theory, allowing women to ‘have it all’ – to pursue their career aspirations and to have biologically related ‘children’.”

This is liberation defined! Women, you can freeze your eggs till you are ready and have them “defrosted” when Mr Right arrives. And in the event that Mr Right never arrives, you can simply find a sperm donor. Thanks to science, it’s really a woman’ world after all.

So how does egg freezing really work?

Human oocyte cryopreservation which is known in a lay man’s word as egg freezing according to is a process in which a woman’s eggs are extracted, frozen and stored. When she is ready to become pregnant, the eggs can be thawed, fertilized, and transferred to the uterus as embryos. Egg freezing is targeted towards three unique groups: women diagnosed with cancer who have not yet begun chemotherapy or radiotherapy; women with objections to storing frozen embryos for religious and/or moral reasons and women who would prefer to preserve their future ability to bear children, either because they do not yet have a husband or for other personal or medical reasons.

There’s so much information out there for anyone who is interested. A good place to start is the NYU Langone Egg Freezing Program.

Written by Idy Caroline

Reference: Cambridge University, Katie Hammond, PhD

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