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Double Delight! Billionaire Sisters Meram And Hauwa Indimi Got Married Together In Grand Style

Double Delight! Billionaire Sisters Meram And Hauwa Indimi Got Married Together In Grand Style

Double wedding among twins may be more common but a double wedding between sisters? Well, that’s a rarity but it seems the Indimi sisters Hauwa and Meram pulled it off seamlessly.

The two beauties celebrated their nuptials in a lengthy ceremony according to the northern Nigerian tradition. As it is with the culture of the northerners, the wedding is a week’s celebration which starts with the Kyan Zance (Bride Price), then moves a couple more steps and lands at the Kamu which means “Catch the Bride” and then ends with the Kai Amariya which is when the bride is escorted to her matrimonial home.

In total, there are about 6 stages before a bride leaves her parents home. Last month, Hauwa and Meram, whose father is a popular billionaire, shared these stages together and they both took to Instagram to show their love for one another.

Meram shared this Image with the caption:

“To have celebrated these special days of our lives together has been an unforgettable and magical experience. I wish you all the best in your marital home, my dear sister. Your extraordinary beauty truly shines both inside and out. I love you my Kulu! ???”

Here’s a look at what went down with the wedding rites. Note that, although their wedding rites were held together, separate images were captured for each bride.

Meram Indimi 

Hauwa Indimi 

Newly Weds: Meram Indimi + Baffa Dandatti

Newly Weds: Hauwa Indimi + Muhammed Yar’Adua 

The Sisters 

Meram and Another Indimi Daughter, Adama

More Indimi Daughters, Mariama & Adama

@mai_indimi ❤️ @presido

Samira Indimi (Meram’s Mother)

Family, Friends & Well Wishers 

Watch Highlights from the wedding…

Photo/Video Credit: IG | #Muha18, Lilbature, #Ramba, bedge_pictures

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