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13 Disco Party Outfits To Live Out Your Party Girl Era

13 Disco Party Outfits To Live Out Your Party Girl Era



et’s time travel to the 70s. The era of disco fever where the dance floor was alive with colorful lights, the air was filled with the electrifying sounds of funk, and the fashion was simply wild. If you ever need a mood-boosting disco outfit, the oldies know how it’s done. As fashion trends continue to recycle with alacrity, eras tend to remix and return, and consequently, we’re back to retro times. This season, consider over-the-top outfits starring vibrant colors, glittering textures, and conspicuous accessories for a scintillating get-up.

As the name implies, disco fashion zeroes in on making a statement and having fun while at it. And if you gravitate towards subtlety, that’s not a reason not to RSVP to the disco party. There are numerous ways fashion girls can hit the mark. For instance, you can either go all out with the adornments or hit the brakes and still be on theme. If you’re looking for outfit inspiration to be mesmerizing, then let’s get groovy.

Check out these dazzling disco party outfits for your next fete…

#1. Shimmering metallics

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What brings out color and glee to a disco party other than metallic outfits? The hypnotizing sparkle of silver and gold lights up the dance floor and makes one the center of attention. Metallic jumpsuits, gowns, blouses, and pants have always been a staple disco outfit.

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It’s a whole fiesta in these style streets, and even if you’re not out for an actual disco, party frocks have become everyday wear. Why not? Live every day like a party. To test the metallic waters, plain jumpsuits can be paired with strappy, sparkly heels and a shiny clutch. Muted dresses can be styled with chunky platforms and statement jewelry. For some extra glamor, throw on a faux fur, feather boa, or shearling jacket.


#2. Clashing prints

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Bring the florals, animal prints, and stripes out to the soiree. Prints have always been a fundamental part of the disco-style era. A floral print bodycon dress, a clashing stripe pant set, or a boldly patterned jumpsuit will glide you through the party of life with ease. I mean, if life is a party, dress like it.


#3. Flare pants

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Let’s go dancing, ooh la la! These pants are the grooviest outfits of the disco era. They’re so cozy and are designed to ease your movement while dancing. For inspiration, try shimmering metallic colors and bold prints. A metallic crop top and flare pants would make the ultimate two-piece combo. A fur crop top in a dark shade would be perfect to pair with bell-bottom pants in bright colors.

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#4. Denim fever

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Don’t be deceived, you’re not the only one who knows how to style good denim. Ask your granny, they had bell bottoms, denim jackets, skirts, and any interpretation denim chose to take. This classic piece still goes to parties and looks like the cheerleader of high school. Yes, she’s that cool. If you want your disco party outfits to stay cool and relevant, throw on double denim with distressed features or a two-tone denim look. With this get-up, the party can start anywhere.

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#5. Minis and boots

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Nothing gives off a hodgepodge of edgy and chic at an event like donning a mini piece with boots. For instance, a black leather pleated mini skirt with a chic black top and boots is a match made in fashion heaven. Also, a bright-colored long-sleeve mini dress with knee-high boots is an ideal way to step up your disco party outfit collection. Slip dresses are also essential mainstays of this trend as they exude a sensual and elegant energy required to keep a party rocking.


#6. Heavily clad

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At disco parties, there’s no such thing as too much sparkle! Sequins, glitter, and shimmering outfits are the epitome of glamor and glitz. A perfect way to show off your confident side is to go the shiny way. With sequins and shimmering outfits, you can channel your inner disco diva and give off confidence, sexiness, and sophistication all at once.

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#7. Bold tints

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Shades like fuchsia, viva magenta, electric blue, and vibrant yellow, and honestly, all vivid hues herald this party theme. You can either rock a full bold look for a fun and playful take or strategically play with colorful accessories. Whatever the case, adding vivid hues to your coordinates can switch your more formal fits to disco party outfits at the bat of an eyelid.

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