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Didi Olomide’s Sunglasses Collection Is A Steal: See Proofs

Didi Olomide’s Sunglasses Collection Is A Steal: See Proofs

In every way possible, this generation of style stars are different from their predecessors. Didi Olomide, better known as Didi Stone, is part of a new generation of stylish individuals whose love for fashion supersedes anything that we’ve seen before. The daughter of popular Congolese Soukus artist, Koffi Olomide, Didi doesn’t stick to the rules and the result is an authentic take on style.

So, creativity and passion are what you will find in this feature as we take a look at Didi Stone’s eyewear game.

Sunglasses are always in, and as such they are an important part of accessorizing. On the part of designs, shoppers can get any style that fits their persona as the options are almost limitless. 

Didi and Koffi Olomide
Didi & Koffi Olomide

“Like father like daughter,” Didi Olomide has conquered this phrase as she consistently steps out in sunglasses that look great on her, and they are never basic ones.

I bet you too would like to get a hang of how to find the right pair for your face and unique style. So here goes a few tips:

  1. Always remember that sunglasses serve to keep your eyes protected from sun rays, so go for tints that offer a great amount of shield from the sun and good contrast.
  2. Choose eyewear that is opposite to the shape of your face. For instance, if you have a round face you should stay away from round sunglasses – hey, you don’t wanna look like pancake. If you don’t know where to start, think of a hollywood celebrity that has your kind of face shape. Then google that celebrity name and the word sunglasses or its synonyms.
  3. Shop for glasses that match your personality and style. Didi Stone is the ultimate inspiration for this. You’ll find that her sunglasses are a mix of posh, sassy and classy.
  4. If you wan’t to build a sunglasses collection, stick to classic pieces rather than what’s trending at the moment.

Now that you’ve got the right tips on hand, here are Didi Olomide’s sunglasses we’d steal if we could…

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Photo Credit: IG | Olomidedidi

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