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Davido And Latto Give ‘Unavailable’ Another Spin Around The Block + More Trending New Afrobeats Songs

Davido And Latto Give ‘Unavailable’ Another Spin Around The Block + More Trending New Afrobeats Songs


In the dynamic and ever-evolving landscape of global music, few genres have captured the world’s attention quite like Afrobeats. With its infectious rhythms, pulsating beats, and captivating fusion of African traditions and contemporary sounds, Afrobeats has transcended borders and resonated with audiences far and wide. Each week, a vibrant array of new Afrobeats songs emerges, setting the airwaves ablaze and igniting dancefloors around the globe. Starting off, we have an unexpected cross-continental remix of Davido and Musa Key’s hit song, Unavailable, which features American rapper Latto.

Elsewhere, in preparation for his fourth studio album, World Best afro-dancehall artiste Patoranking has released a new single titled Higher. Here, we dive into the latest trending Afrobeats tracks of the week, celebrating the genre’s ability to inspire, unite, and groove its way into our hearts. From established icons to emerging talents, the Afrobeats scene continues to dazzle and redefine musical experiences, offering a sonic journey that is both culturally rich and undeniably infectious.

Check out the top 5 trending new Afrobeats songs released this week…

#1. Davido ft. Latto and Musa Keys – Unavailable (Remix)

In a strategic maneuver to extend the reach of his music to the American audience, Davido has undertaken a decisive action and released a remix of his hit track, Unavailable, which notably features American rapper Latto while retaining the soulful vocals of South African singer Musa Keys. The musical landscape of this remix has been deftly crafted through a collaborative effort involving the co-production talents of Magicsticks and Rage. Latent with anticipation, this remix brings a novel dimension to the already captivating track, expertly infusing it with Latto’s signature allure.

#2. Patoranking – Higher

In the midst of fervent preparations for the impending launch of his highly anticipated album titled World Best, the renowned artiste Patoranking has unveiled a captivating and freshly minted single that goes by the resonant name of Higher. The creative force behind Higher is none other than the skilled producer Mix Master Garzy, whose meticulous craftsmanship weaves an intricate tapestry of sounds, perfectly complementing Patoranking’s vocal delivery. The song delves deep into the thematic realms of thanksgiving and gratitude.

#3. Reminisce ft. Oxlade – Why?

The collaborative masterpiece Why? by seasoned indigenous rapper Reminisce and singer Oxlade stands as a testament to Afrobeats’ ability to blend poignant storytelling with irresistible grooves. The song weaves together Reminisce’s seasoned lyrical prowess with Oxlade’s emotive vocals, resulting in a track that transcends mere entertainment. Why? delves into themes of love, yearning, and introspection as it explores the complexities of relationships and the inherent questions that arise. Backed by a hypnotic Afrobeats rhythm, the song draws listeners in with its captivating melodies and relatable narrative, showcasing the power of Afrobeats to evoke genuine emotions while keeping one’s feet moving to its rhythm.

#4. Yemi Alade – Fear Love

Fear Love by Yemi Alade is a captivating addition to the realm of Afrobeats, showcasing the artiste’s distinctive blend of infectious melodies and empowering lyrics. This track masterfully fuses traditional African rhythms with contemporary production, resulting in a dynamic and energetic sound that demands attention. Alade’s powerful vocals carry the song’s message of resilience and self-empowerment, encouraging listeners to embrace love without succumbing to fear. With its vibrant instrumentation and catchy hooks, Fear Love stands as a testament to Yemi Alade’s artistry and her ability to create music that resonates deeply while keeping listeners grooving to its irresistible beat.

#5. Magixx – Maria

Maria by Mavin Records signee Magixx is a scintillating addition to the world of Afrobeats, encapsulating the genre’s signature blend of rhythm and charisma. With its catchy beats and vibrant melodies, the song beckons listeners to the dancefloor from the very first note. Magixx masterfully weaves together a dynamic fusion of African musical elements and contemporary production, resulting in a track that feels both nostalgically rooted and refreshingly innovative. Maria not only showcases Magixx’s vocal prowess but also highlights his ability to craft a catchy and memorable tune. The song’s lyrics, delivered with undeniable energy, add to its appeal, making it a standout in the realm of new and trending Afrobeats songs.

Featured image: @davido @latto777/Instagram

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