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All You Need To Know To Nail The Cowgirl Copper Hair Trend This Summer

All You Need To Know To Nail The Cowgirl Copper Hair Trend This Summer


Around the tail-end of 2023, the cowgirl copper hair began ferociously taking over the beauty space, with celebrities and beauty enthusiasts vibrating in its charming hues. This hair trend makes a case for warm tones with shades of copper, auburn, and sometimes, hints of red and gold. Its dominance continues in 2024, and as we head into summer, the cowgirl copper hairstyle is taking shape to become the option of the season.

Photo: @jordynwoods/Instagram

The different shades that characterize this hair trend aim to create a rich, multi-dimensional look that evokes the natural, sun-kissed hues often associated with the rustic, western aesthetic. Choosing your hair color for the warmest season of all has never been easier, as the cowgirl copper style is flexible enough to suit a plethora of ladies. Regardless of your skin tone, work environment, or lifestyle, you can tweak this trend to submit to your preferences. Updating your mane game is a great way to elevate your style, and this summer, cowgirl copper hair is the way to go!

How to nail the cowgirl copper hair trend like a pro…

Photo: @toniandguyworld/Instagram

It’s best to consult with a professional colorist who can assess your hair type, current color, and what it will take to achieve the desired shade. A professional can mix different shades of copper and auburn to create a customized blend that suits your skin tone and personal style. Beyond what the beauty segments of the internet serve or your favorite celebrity’s choices, getting an expert opinion tailored to you will achieve the best results.

Photo: @toniandguyworld/Instagram

Furthermore, ensure your hair is in good condition before coloring. Use deep conditioning treatments to prepare your hair and avoid damage. Dye on unhealthy hair is a menace, and your choice of hair dye must be of good quality. If you’re unsure about the shade, ask your colorist for a strand test to see how the color will look on your hair.

Photo: @toniandguyworld/Instagram

The colorist will apply a base copper color and may add highlights or lowlights to create dimension. Techniques like balayage or foiling can be used to blend the colors seamlessly for a natural, sun-kissed look.

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Check out how to maintain the cowgirl copper hair color trend…

Photo: @hair.julierussita/Instagram

#1. Use the right coloring products

The first step is to use safe products. No matter the other tips and tricks you have up your sleeves, if the products are low-quality and unsafe, you’ll never get the best of the coloring, and could even damage your hair. It reminds me of an experience I had back in college: Me and my friend went to a salon to get our hair colored, and ended up using not-so-good products. Not only did the dye wane over a short time, I lost my hair and had to go on an emergency pixie cut solution. Don’t be like me.

#2. Consider your shampoo and conditioner

Once you have the coloring settled, it’s also advisable to use sulfate-free, color-safe shampoo, and conditioner to prevent your cowgirl’s copper hair color from fading. Plus, regularly use deep conditioners or hair masks to keep your hair hydrated and vibrant.

Photo: @dayelasoul/Instagram

#3. Protect from heat

Thirdly, when using heat styling tools, apply a heat protectant spray to prevent damage and maintain color. You should also keep the temperature moderate to avoid stripping the color. The thing is, heat and hair have a push-pull relationship. Sometimes, heat is needed to straighten out rebellious strands, but when it stays longer than necessary, the tresses suffer.

Photo: @wellahairuki/Instagram

#4. Have regular touch-ups

Another key to maintaining your colored hair is to schedule regular touch-ups every four to six weeks to keep the color fresh and vibrant. Yes, maintaining a popping cowgirl copper hair is intentional. If your natural hair color differs significantly from the copper, touch up the roots as needed. There are times when the ombré effects of undergrowth and the hair dye form a beautiful symphony but other times, they appear unkempt.

Photo: _cuban_link/Instagram

#5. Protect from the sun

Additionally, use hair products with UV protection to prevent the color from fading due to sun exposure. Being sun-kissed is great, especially for aesthetics, but stay long enough, and the sun becomes bored with your mane and could ruin the hues you worked hard to achieve. With this in mind, wear hats or scarves when spending extended time outdoors to shield your hair from the sun.

Photo: @celebluxury/Instagram


Check out a few ways to rock this warm-colored hairstyle

Photo: @toniandguyworld/Instagram
  • Wave it: Enhance the rustic feel by styling your hair in loose, natural waves.
  • Braids: Incorporate braids or twists for a more intricate, Western-inspired look.
Photo: @style_cupid/Instagram
  • Subtle curls: Use a curling iron to create soft, romantic curls that highlight the color variations.
Photo: @basehairextensions/Instagram
  • Half-up, half-down: Pull the top half of your hair back and secure it with a clip or scrunchie. Add a small braid or twist to the pulled-back section for added detail.
  • Ponytail
Photo: @toniandguyworld/Instagram
  • High ponytail: A sleek, high ponytail can look chic and modern, highlighting the vibrant copper color.
  • Low ponytail: A low, loose ponytail with soft waves can create a relaxed, effortless look.
Photo: @edgybgirl/Instagram
  • Messy bun: Gather your hair into a loose, messy bun for a casual yet stylish look.
  • Chignon: A classic chignon or low bun can be elegant and sophisticated, perfect for formal occasions.
Photo: @juanice.mua/Instagram

Hop on the cowgirl copper trend this summer for a bronze goddess effect. The best part? It’s sure to look incredibly good on you.

Featured image: @jordynwoods/Instagram 

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