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10 Modish Celebrity Outfits To Replicate This Weekend

10 Modish Celebrity Outfits To Replicate This Weekend



t’s another weekend and with it comes events we excitedly said yes to for whatever reason. To avoid another nothing-to-wear scenario, employ the services of the cool celeb outfits we’ve curated just for you. From elevated denim servings that stand out to monochrome marvels that intrigue the mind, these offerings from the stars are sure to create the fashionable weekend you spent the whole week dreaming about. So select your favorite look(s), muster your confidence, and hit the streets in full swagger. Yup, it’s a no-sleep-on-the-couch type of weekend.

Check out chic celebrity outfits to recreate this weekend…

#1. Fantasia Taylor

Photo: @tasiaworld/Instagram

At this point, Fantasia’s serial style implementations should be studied for replication. It’s a wonder how she stays in form even after “eating” all the time. Another look she ate was this polished black and white rendering at the BAFTAS. The coat was coated with finesse, and the touches of white passed the vibe check. Go ahead and RSVP to that women’s seminar — your outfit just arrived.

#2. Eve

Photo: Getty Images

Don’t mean to EVEs-drop but the rapper said this is my no-miss season. At LFW 2024, Eve wore a sophisticated Burberry shorts and button-down shirt combo. The look consisted of a print shirt tucked into loose-fitting knee-length shorts and finished with a matching coat. And of course, the mules and clutch amped things up. Indeed, she resonated with the frequency of London’s sartorial energy. Wear this cool celeb outfit as an apt daytime party look.

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#3. Serena Williams

Photo: @maisonvalentino/Instagram

What’s a high-value curation of cool celeb outfits if a refined dress doesn’t make the cut? Serena Williams attended the Valentino le Noir show wearing a mini feather-trimmed dress. Her white pumps and handbag sat well with the deep red and white prints, and her blonde hair highlighted the look oh-so-perfectly. Step into a cosmopolitan dinner in this ensemble, and snap necks without violating any code.

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#4. Kelly Rowland

Photo: @kellyrowland/Instagram

This Scanlan Theodore number is a solid defense on an evening date with your man who wants to make amends. You want to rock the breastplate to shield your heart from any love bugs you aren’t sure he’s willing to catch. Nonetheless, Kelly Rowland wore hers on her Mea Culpa movie press rounds, turning necks as she moved. If you’re replicating this, you can include chunky cuffs for more pomp. 

#5. Lala Anthony

Photo: @lala/Instagram

Lala Anthony took to moto fashion but made it a denim affair in a custom Jean Vintage denim look. It’s easy to recreate this look with distressed jeans tucked into denim pointed-heel boots. Then layer on a zebra print or black and white jacket for that biker effect. You won’t be out of place if you sport this for a bike racing event. If that’s not in view, this is a cool city girl evening look.

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#6. Willow Smith

Photo: @acnestudios/Instagram

To the Fupa community, do we agree it’s time to let the belly out? While we are still having this conversation, Willow Smith took one for the gym girlies at the Acne Studio Paris show. She wore a crop top (or hand warmer really) with wide-hem jeans and sturdy black boots. You know to rock this at your gym weekend party to show your instructors their work paid off.

#7. Lori Harvey

Photo: @loriharvey/Instagram

The streets of London have seen an influx of returning trends as the quiet vs loud luxury trend continues to strive for supremacy. Lori Harvey has always been on the quiet team thanks to her affinity for neutrals. She stood true to her minimal convictions in this Burberry suit. The gray and black colors danced in unison, adding another definition to the term “chic.” Opt for this oversized blazer offering at a board meeting with partners. You should button up till after office hours.

#8. Bonang Matheba

Photo: @bonangmatheba/Instagram

If you’ve been listening in on trends, you know that with handbags, the bigger are now the better. To validate the contemporary fashion fad, opt for leather overload. Bonang Matheba shows how it’s done in a full-on leather ensemble, and capped it with a humongous handbag. Express yourself at a scent launch with a head-to-toe leather ensemble and a ridiculously large bag for context.

#9. Sabrina Elba

Cool Celeb Outfits to replicate this weekend
Photo: @sabrinaelba/Instagram

Let’s take a quick stroll into the sporty lane for a comfy chic vibe cuz Sabrina Elba nods at a convenient athleisure outfit this weekend. She wore an effortless black and white combination and threw in a statement bag for an intentional sprinkle of fabulous. Sport this snappy getup to the neighborhood coffee shop or a basketball game this weekend.

#10. Halle Bailey

Photo: @hallebailey/Instagram

One of the fun moments captured at the Off-White Show was Halle Bailey and Willow Smith with twinning braids, having a good sister time. Another was the outfits. Bailey wore a slinky black dress by the brand with a multicolored hem. The simplicity and ease of this dress make it the right choice for a party-hopping Friday night.

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