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Last Week, The Best Dressed Stars Put The Ready On Show Up

Last Week, The Best Dressed Stars Put The Ready On Show Up



s we watch 2021 slowly glide towards the finish line, looking back we can only be impressed about the changes in fashion it brought onboard. Globally, the tide remained high across many sectors but classy Black women across the continents stayed afloat week after week in resplendent attires, swaying to the beat of their own style and owning every single look they served.

The number of events this year, both virtual and in-person, was such a delight and our bet is the previous year would be utterly livid. One thing remains a constant: the need to protect our individual safety and others as we unite to fight the pandemic together. This year has shown that if the passion for style keeps burning, finding innovative yet safe ways to come together and appreciate this era of fashion is by far possible. Let’s continue to show up in life, and importantly, dress up for it, just like your favorite stylish Black celebrities and influencers have modeled week after week.

The looks

When you’re the host, you boast differently. For the Critics Choice Awards host with the most, actress Niecy Nash updated the red carpet database in a black Anthony Elle dress married aptly with a pink Ritch knits cape, and the outcome was fascinating. For the same event, Tessa Thompson dressed the futuristic part in a Del Core sculptural look. One of the most popular looks of the night, and it was easy to see why.

South African beauty queen, Shudufhadzo Musida, has her hands and Instagram full with events this season. With this comes an array of elegant frocks and pieces that up the ante and keep her on the TLs. Last week, the star embodied a flowy hand-beaded dress by Warrick Gautier. The highlight of this number that thrilled Musida was incorporating the “Buhle”, a symbol of the Miss South Africa crown, which she obviously holds in high esteem. The world needs more queens like her who slay, but with a purpose in mind.

The styles shared by class Black women celebs and top fashion influencers last week were nothing short of chic, edgy, and glamorous, and it’s safe to say that we are, as usual, living vicariously through them. Black style queens.

Check out last week’s best fashion moments as seen on classy Black women…


Photo: Beyonce / Instagram

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Tessa Thompson

ast-week-the-classy black women-put-the-ready-on-show-up
Photo: Tessa Thompson / Instagram


Alicia Keys

Photo: Alicia Keys / Instagram

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Niecy Nash

ast-week-the-classy black women-put-the-ready-on-show-up
Photo: @niecynash1 / Instagram


Adesua Etomi-Wellington

ast-week-the-classy black women-put-the-ready-on-show-up
Photo: @adesuaetomi / Instagram



ast-week-the-classy black women-put-the-ready-on-show-up
Photo: Ashanti / Instagram

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Photo: Ashanti / Instagram


Lori Harvey

Photo: @loriharvey/Instagram


Shudufhadzo Musiḓa

ast-week-the-classy black women-put-the-ready-on-show-up
Photo: @shudufhadzomusida / Instagram

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Kenya Moore

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Nicole Ari Parker

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