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Check Out How SOLANGE KNOWLES’ Expressiveness Is Reflected Through Her Hairstyles!

Check Out How SOLANGE KNOWLES’ Expressiveness Is Reflected Through Her Hairstyles!

Singer and songwriter Solange Knowles is well known for her deep artistic expressions. A student of the eternal school of evolution, she never shies away from mental and physical transformations especially when it comes to her hairstyle. The choices she makes with her unique hair looks gets us taking notes every time.

Recently, she upped the ante on her ‘hairvolution’ as she debutted a blonde Fulani-inspired cornrows which she decorated with bold red beads. The look gives her a tribal yet futuristic appeal and took us back to all the times Solange Knowles has worn some of the most ‘awegasmic’ hairstyles we’ve ever seen.

Solange has always been a powerful voice when it comes to the black hair. Her song ‘Don’t Touch My Hair’ from her 2016 album ‘A Seat At The Table’ is an ode to her involvement in the black/kinky hair movement. Solange believes in the power of expression and she does so through her music, her style and of course her hair. Before now, Solange had always favoured her brunette coloured locks whether as a TWA (Teeny Weeny Afro), a 4C or a large fro. It didn’t matter so long as she was rocking the hair however she wanted. Since the release of her album there has been a drastic shift from her singular coloured fro to a more dramatic bleach blonde hair as she has continued to mete out striking and much more artistic and dramatic looks.

A look at a few of the many times Solange Knowles expressed her higher self through her hairstyle…

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