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Catch Up With The Coolest ANKARA Styles From Instagram | SR Trends

Catch Up With The Coolest ANKARA Styles From Instagram | SR Trends

This is the festive season. It’s a time when there are parties everywhere and also a time when your outfits need to have a dual functionality as you have to be party-ready at all times. This means your outfit has to go from cool to festive by just applying one or two necessary accessories. Nothing makes this functional demand much easier than a great design made from Ankara fabric. This is where we have to point out the all-round versatility of the Ankara fabric.

 Thanks to Instagram, we’ve hand-picked a couple of Ankara styles that would do well as a day time outfit as well as a night time dazzle. With Ankara styles like these you don’t have to walk around carrying multiple pieces and you don’t need to change in your car. All you need to do is swap your jewelries, dab your favorite lipstick, a quick brush of your hair and you are ready to go!

It’s time to catch up with the coolest Ankara styles from Instagram…


Photo Credit: IG | As captioned 

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