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Captivating! You’ll Love The Perfect Blend of Fashion x Art Through The Eyes Of ASIYAMI GOLD

Captivating! You’ll Love The Perfect Blend of Fashion x Art Through The Eyes Of ASIYAMI GOLD

For Asiyami Gold Wekulom, there is no difference between art and fashion as they are one and the same. And with that belief in mind, the Nursing graduate of the Georgia State University is invested in a vision and a mission to “start a fashion brand employing the artisans” from her hometown.

As a Nigerian, Asiyami’s dream shouldn’t come as a surprise to you; after all, what we consider normal here at home is what others around the world see as exotic and beautiful. The simplest of weaved materials, made with threads of different colours in places such as Asiyami’s hometown of Rivers State, is spurn in such a way that if you take out the time to, you can see the connection between the fabric weaved and the weaver. Each level threaded signifies a stage, an advancement and a story, and these are the very things Asiyami Gold wants to share with the world.

As far as the brand consultant is concerned there is so much beauty in the world and her aim is to share it in the most classic and stylish way. The world is full of creative minds and it’s easy to tell that Asiyami Gold is one of such. With every picture, there’s a story, a reason, an aim. The visual story teller captivates her audience with her sometimes cute and other times enlightened captions, mesmerizing her over 180,000 followers and keeping them wanting more. Not only do her words captivate you, her images also have a way of capturing you, allowing you to bask in the delight of the uniquely beautiful way Asiyami marries art and fashion with her shot she takes.

Here’s proof of all that’s been said, well, written of Asiyami…

Photo Credit: IG | Asiyami_gold

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