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Californian Beaches Aren’t Ready For MBONG AMATA’s Sexy Body!

Californian Beaches Aren’t Ready For MBONG AMATA’s Sexy Body!

Actress, film maker and now fashion store owner, Mbong Amata is obviously not letting anything stop her.  The mother of one is a bonafide go-getter! She sets her aim and she shoots not withstanding the obvious limitations around her.  However when the California-resident is not out aiming at her goals she loves to hang around the beach. I mean, it’s easy to see this from her Instagram page which is filled with bikini shot after bikini shot.

The beach is a fun place and for the actress and it’s where she’s most free and with her move to Los Angeles several years ago, she’s really at home as she is surrounded by several expance of sand and water. The question however is, are Californian beaches  ready for Mbong?

As the warmer days of summer fade away, we’ve decided to pay tribute to the several times the Mbong made the beach her home in sexy beach apparels….

Photo credit: Instagram | Mbong Amata 

Mbong is totally a heart-breaker and there’s no way she can shake off the tittle especially if she keeps posting these fun and super cute bikini photo’s.

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