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The Best Sneakers To Gift A Sneakerhead Loved One This Holiday

The Best Sneakers To Gift A Sneakerhead Loved One This Holiday


The best sneakers to gift to sneaker enthusiasts are like time machines filled with thrills, transporting recipients—regardless of age or cynicism—to a world of sporty wonders. (Bonus: They come in a pre-wrapped box that outshines the packaging of even the trendiest AirPods.) Beyond their sentimental value, sneakers offer a practical solution to the perennial challenge of gifting clothing items like jackets or jeans, eliminating the need for precise measurements.

When it comes to sneakers, knowing the recipient’s shoe size is sufficient to ensure the pair seamlessly integrates into their collection or takes center stage in a carefully curated display in their bedroom. However, navigating the world of sneaker purchases requires caution, as devoted sneakerheads are renowned for their discerning tastes. With an incessant stream of new releases flooding the market regularly, selecting the perfect pair can be a daunting task. Fear not, though; as this time, we’re here to offer a guiding hand.

Here are the best sneaker gifts to give a sneakerhead this season…

#1. For the new sneaker enthusiast

For the recently initiated sneaker enthusiast in your life, you can’t go wrong by gifting a pair of Jordans in a colorway that basketball legend Michael Jordan himself sported on the hardwood. A general guideline suggests that the models worn by MJ during his Bulls days (numbers 1-14) are top choices, with the 1s, 3s, and 4s often considered absolute must-haves. However, there’s no need to break the bank for an NBA-worthy pair; you simply need to choose a timeless shoe that has stood the test of decades, complements any outfit, and retains its undeniable cool factor for the long haul.

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#2. For the cool dad

In recent years, dad shoes have surprisingly shifted from a fashion faux pas to an essential wardrobe item. This transformation makes it easier than ever to gift your father a pair of sneakers that not only provide the comfort he deserves but also add a touch of coolness he may be lacking. Just advise him to maintain a poker face when younger individuals admire his footwear, and he’ll likely find genuine amusement—brace yourself for a classic dad joke in response.

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#3. For those who actually wear their sneakers

Not everyone fixated on sneakers views them as high-end artwork; some simply seek a pair they can casually toss on, rough up, and wear until the soles give out. These pragmatically rebellious individuals likely require a sturdy pair of canvas kicks that effortlessly complement their entire wardrobe, be it roomy cargos or frayed jorts.

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#4. For the hikers

Is the person you’re shopping for more accustomed to the tranquility of the woods than the hustle of the subway? Well, here’s some good news: these rugged sneakers are specifically crafted to provide solid traction in various off-the-beaten-path environments. Even if he’s a stylish urbanite who enjoys pretending to be anything but, these shoes will serve as a nostalgic reminder of the great outdoors, minus the campsite discomfort and bug bites.

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#5. For the real fashion guy

Do you have a man in your circle who spent Thanksgiving bemoaning the conclusion of Raf Simons‘ eponymous brand or lamenting Alessandro Michele’s exit from Gucci? Gift them a pair of high-fashion sneakers to alleviate their sorrow, whether it’s a coveted relic from Prada’s early 2000s or a contemporary collaboration between Adidas and Grace Wales Bonner, a rising star in the fashion industry.

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#6. For the subtle flexer

A stylish pair of sneakers can serve as a gateway to online recognition and real-life boasting. However, not every shoe enthusiast aims to showcase. If a subtle and understated approach aligns with his preferences, consider gifting him a pair of aesthetically pleasing, versatile kicks that will be recognized by those in the know without drawing excessive attention or criticism.

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#7. For the gym rat

Looking for the perfect gift for a guy who truly embodies the concept of flaunting? While these workout shoes might not be the quickest route to amassing Instagram likes, they will ensure your favorite fitness enthusiast is on point for their next workout session—and they won’t disappoint in those mirror selfies, either.

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#8. For the retro-obsessive

Do you have a friend who’s been amassing Jordans since the days when MJ was collaborating with the Alan Parsons Project? Perhaps they fondly recall the nostalgia of purchasing the latest Js in brick-and-mortar stores, a concept that feels like a distant memory now. Tap into their sentimental journey and gift them a pair of sneakers that likely graced the pages of a ’90s-era Eastbay catalog, and you’ll witness their childhood dreams reignite with joy and nostalgia.

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#9. For the chill guy

If there’s a young person on your gift list who’s constantly immersed in their social media timeline, consider gifting them a stylish pair of sneakers that they and their followers will surely admire. Each of the footwear options below has had its standout moments this year, and they will perfectly complement the baggy, Y2K-inspired jeans that the recipient loves. However, convincing them to set aside their phone and join the festivities in the living room for the gift unwrapping might be a separate challenge altogether.

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