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24 Best + Meaningful Graduation Songs For The Class Of 2024

24 Best + Meaningful Graduation Songs For The Class Of 2024


Graduation is a milestone teeming with mixed emotions. The Class of 2024 is on the cusp of a new chapter, leaving behind familiar faces and stepping into a future brimming with both possibilities and uncertainties. For now, focus on honoring your achievements, so far. Discover the perfect graduation songs to celebrate your milestone moment. From timeless classics to modern anthems, find the ideal soundtrack for your graduation ceremony or party! 

From songs to listen to on the morning of your graduation to tunes for your TikTok videos and Instagram reels, this curated playlist captures the essence of the moment, offering a song for every feeling—from nostalgic reflection to the thrill of anticipation.

Here are meaningful graduation songs for the class of 2024…

Reflective & Nostalgic

#1. How Far We’ve Come by Matchbox Twenty

This melancholic yet uplifting song is a beautiful tribute to the shared experiences that have brought the graduating class together. With lyrics like “Look how far we’ve come, from where we used to be,” it’s a perfect anthem to reminisce about friendships forged and lessons learned.

#2. Don’t You (Forget About Me) by Simple Minds

Made famous by the film “The Breakfast Club,” this 80s classic perfectly captures the bittersweet feeling of saying goodbye. The lyrics, “Don’t you forget about me,” serve as a reminder to cherish the bonds formed during these formative years.

#3. You’re Gonna Miss This by Trace Adkins

This country ballad offers a poignant reminder to appreciate the seemingly ordinary moments of school life. From early morning classes to late-night study sessions, Trace Adkins‘ lyrics paint a picture of experiences that may seem mundane now but will hold a special place in graduates’ hearts looking back.

#4. Lean On Me by Bill Withers

This evergreen classic transcends generations. With its message of support and encouragement, “Lean On Me” reminds graduates that they are not alone as they embark on their individual journeys. The song offers a sense of security, knowing that friendships and loved ones will always be there to provide a shoulder to lean on.

Looking Forward & Motivational

#5. Firework by Katy Perry

This high-energy pop anthem is all about unleashing your inner potential. The empowering lyrics, “Baby, you’re a firework,” encourage graduates to embrace their individuality and shine brightly as they take on the world.

#6. Hey Look Ma, I Made It by Panic! at the Disco

This celebratory song is a fitting tribute to the years of hard work and dedication. The playful lyrics capture the thrill of accomplishment and the excitement of finally reaching a long-awaited goal.

#7. We Are the Champions by Queen

Few songs exude confidence quite like “We Are the Champions.” This iconic anthem is the perfect choice for graduates who are ready to conquer their dreams and leave their mark on the world.

#8. My Future by Billie Eilish

This introspective song by Billie Eilish acknowledges the uncertainties of the future while embracing the freedom and possibilities that lie ahead. The lyrics, “My future’s lookin’ bright,” serve as a powerful reminder to graduates to write their own stories and embrace the unknown with courage.

Uplifting & Celebratory

#9. Congratulations by Post Malone ft. Quavo

This feel-good song is a light-hearted celebration of this momentous occasion. With its catchy beat and celebratory lyrics, “Congratulations,” is guaranteed to put a smile on every graduate’s face.

#10. I Lived by OneRepublic

This uplifting anthem is a powerful reminder to seize the day and make the most of every moment. The vibrant lyrics, “I lived,” encourage graduates to embrace all that life has to offer, welcome challenges, and create lasting memories.

#11. Don’t Stop Me Now by Queen

Another iconic Queen song, “Don’t Stop Me Now,” is a powerful call to action. The electrifying guitar riffs and driving beat perfectly capture the boundless energy and ambition graduates feel as they step into the future.

#12. Good Riddance (Time of Your Life) by Green Day

Although often misconstrued as a sad song, “Good Riddance” is actually a celebration of new beginnings. The lyrics, “Good riddance to all our close calls,” acknowledge the bittersweet nature of goodbyes while emphasizing the excitement of what lies ahead.

For the Throwback Feels

#13. Graduation (Friends Forever) by Vitamin C

This quintessential 90s anthem is a timeless tribute to the enduring power of friendship. With its catchy melody and relatable lyrics, “Graduation (Friends Forever)” reminds graduates that the bonds forged during their school years will last a lifetime.

#14. Graduation Day by The Beach Boys

This nostalgic classic perfectly captures the carefree spirit and excitement of graduation day. The Beach Boys’ signature harmonies evoke simpler times and create a sense of shared joy for the graduating class.

#15. In My Life by The Beatles

This introspective ballad by The Beatles encourages graduates to reflect on their journey and the experiences that shaped them. The poetic lyrics take listeners through a lifetime of memories, from childhood experiences to friendships formed. The song serves as a reminder to cherish the past and acknowledge how it has made you who you are today.

#16. Life Goes On by BTS

This song by global superstars BTS offers a message of hope and resilience. With its beautiful melody and uplifting lyrics, “Life Goes On” reminds graduates that challenges are inevitable but brighter days are always ahead.

#17. Unwritten by Natasha Bedingfield

This pop anthem is a celebration of new beginnings and endless possibilities. The optimistic lyrics, “The story’s unwritten,” serve as a powerful reminder that graduates have the power to write their own success stories.

#18. About Damn Time by Lizzo

This empowering song by Lizzo is a perfect anthem for graduates who are ready to claim their place in the world. The infectious beat and confident lyrics, “About damn time,” encourage graduates to celebrate their accomplishments and own their success.

Slow Songs for Reflection

#19. Ribs by Lorde

This melancholic yet beautiful song by Lorde explores the complex emotions of growing up and leaving loved ones behind. The raw lyrics capture the bittersweet feeling of graduation, acknowledging the inevitable changes that come with moving on.

#20. Something Big by Shawn Mendes

This heartfelt ballad by Shawn Mendes speaks to the universal desire to find your purpose in life. The introspective lyrics, “There’s gotta be something big,” resonate with graduates as they chase their dreams and embark on a journey of self-discovery.

#21. Bitter Sweet Symphony by The Verve

This iconic song perfectly captures the complex emotions of graduation. The melancholic melody and poignant lyrics acknowledge the bittersweet nature of goodbyes while celebrating the growth and transformation that have taken place.

Bonus Picks

#22. We Are Young by Fun. ft. Janelle Monáe

This upbeat and celebratory song is a reminder to embrace the youthful spirit and make the most of the present moment. The powerful vocals and catchy melody create a sense of camaraderie and shared excitement for the future.

#23. The Edge of Glory by Lady Gaga

This empowering anthem challenges graduates to embrace their individuality and chase their dreams with unwavering determination. The soaring vocals and dramatic soundscape create a sense of inspiration and limitless possibilities.

#24. Graduation by Benny Blanco and Juice WRLD

This contemporary hip-hop song offers a more modern take on the graduation experience. The lyrics celebrate the hard work and dedication that led to this milestone while acknowledging the mixed emotions graduates may be feeling.

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