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Ankara Headwraps We Absolutely Love For this Rainy Season

Ankara Headwraps We Absolutely Love For this Rainy Season

Hello Fashionistas!

As it turns out the heavy downpour in Lagos this past weekend literally rained on my parade and left my hair a total mess when it was all done. Got up Monday morning to get ready for a meeting and met face-to-face with a bad-hair-day/manic-Monday episode. I couldn’t make it to the salon and my go-to wig was wet as I washed it over the weekend and the sun had refused to shine. I mean, what’s a sistah supposed to do?

Does the above sound familiar? 

Many of us have found ourselves in such a boat. It might not be the same specific situation but the point is, we’ve all had days termed “bad hair days” and found ourselves at a loss on what to do. So just how do you solve a problem like this in little time without losing your mind?

I’ve got a simple answer for you… Ankara headwraps!

First, let me say this, the Ankara fabric is such a wonderful fabric for its sheer versatility. And not just that, the pop of colour(s) it adds to any outfit; the pulsating designs; the animated patterns; little wonder why we African women absolutely love it.

Since the textile makes so much sense when sewn as a dress, blouse, trousers or skirt, it definitely goes without saying that it would make as much sense as a headwrap. So consider your bad hair days covered if you have a piece of Ankara fabric laying around.

Let’s check out some super fun and creative ways to tie an Ankara headwrap…

Close Up



Here’s how some Style Ravens have incorporated their Ankara headwraps into their whole ensemble…


PS: You don’t have to have a “bad hair day” to rock a cool Ankara headwrap.

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