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ANKARA Friday: 5 Chic And Trendy Ankara Dresses To Inspire Your Weekend Look

ANKARA Friday: 5 Chic And Trendy Ankara Dresses To Inspire Your Weekend Look


There’s a sense of pride knowing your style causes people to admire and be inspired by you; it’s a feeling that borders on  being accepted into a secret code of knowledge that your admirers are not yet privy to. This is exactly why there’s been a surge in the number of style influencers across the web and social media. For African women, there’s a new class of fashion bloggers who consistently serve style inspirations wearing traditional African fabrics like Ankara, albeit with a modern twist.

When a fashion lover explores new trends and then unveils it and becomes respected for same, the bust of joy you feel is so overwhelming and fulfilling that it’s hard to explain. This explains why fashion bloggers put their creative juices to design, make and style look after look. The art is twice as fun when you use a fabric as versatile as the Ankara and triple the fun when you infuse trendy designs into your Ankara look.

Here are 5 chic and trendy Ankara dresses including one modern Iro & Buba to inspire your weekend look…


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