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An Insider Guide To Surviving Lagos’ Intense Nightlife

An Insider Guide To Surviving Lagos’ Intense Nightlife

Lagos is a city that truly comes alive in the nighttime. Like New York City, Lagos is the city that never sleeps and no matter your social status there’s a groove for every you. But like everywhere else where fun abounds, so does trouble. The key to surviving Lagos intense nightlife is to party with wisdom. Let’s get into it.

From Thursday night Lagosians catch the weekend groove bug and for someone who wants to unwind, there are countless fun options to choose from. Regardless of the security challenges in Lagos, most parts of the city still bubble at night and it’s relatively easy to move from point A to B.

For the tourist or newbie in Lagos, you need some street wisdom to survive Lagos Nightlife as it is easy to get carried away in the euphoria of the night only to be singing an unknown tune by the morning.

Some times the decisions you make while living it up with your best buds or overnight BFFs as the case may be, could end up being a matter of life and death. I’ll repeat that again: the wrong move can get you into a lot of trouble but a safe, exciting and smooth night in Lagos city is promised if you adopt these tips.

Here are 6 tips for surviving Lagos’ intense nightlife…

1. Ball on a budget

Lagos nightlife

This is an actual bill from just one night in the club. Create a mental note of what you could do with this cash – buy a land, maybe. The struggle for social relevance and the tendency to get carried away is one major reason why you have to be disciplined and have a budget when heading out in Lagos.

So pretty please! discipline is key. Set a budget and stick to it no matter the temptation that dangles its bait right in front of you. If not you could end up spending all your cash in one weekend and we know how that wait for payday is going to pan out. So if you have to eat or even drink before you head out, that would be awesome.

2. Don’t drink and drive

Lagos nightlife 2

We know foam is where the heart is at night but ‘beer’ in mind that drinking and driving are meant to be mutually exclusive. A large percentage of automobile accidents have been recorded after midnight in Lagos. A bunch of drunk youths hit the streets after a night of massive fun, notwithstanding their drunk status, they throw caution in the air and accelerate their way to the ER or worse still their early grave.

The trick here is to know your alcohol gauge and to learn to stop when you’ve had enough. This is extremely expedient to avoid accidents and even rape.

3. Go out with friends who have your back

Surviving Lagos’ intense nightlife

If you can’t seem to stop shooting your shots, have a volunteer in your group who would drink sparingly or not at all. This person is the driver and/or purse keeper for the night. Every group should have one of those I-don’t-want-to-dance kinda person. In other words, have someone to take the security job for the night – someone you can trust, who has your best interest at heart.

4. A charged phone 

Surviving Lagos’ intense nightlife

A fully charged phone, a power bank and an Uber app – name a better trio, we’ll wait. It is advisable to always have a back up plan. If you notice that you’re a bit too tipsy to drive, pull out your phone and order an Uber.

Have you experienced a time when you got stranded just because your phone batteries were dead and you couldn’t find an alternative? Have you had to hitchhike or go home with someone you really didn’t want to, to avoid being stranded? It is far safer and more responsible to have these all planned out in case of an emergency.

5. Avoid dark/lonely areas

Surviving Lagos’ intense nightlife

A lot of people just pack their bags and head to Lagos hoping for a brighter future. Some have no plans but take that leap of faith and storm the yard as they struggle to survive. That being said, some of these people become hoodlums and sleep in the dark corners of the streets, surviving on robbery and pick pocketing.

Some of Lagos’ darkest corners breed hoodlums who lay in wait for their prey. So avoid dark areas whether you’re driving or walking. Cars, phones, purses and more have been snatched in such areas. More often than not, the safer route is usually a longer journey but it’s worth it in the end. Alternatively, go out with a friend/guide who is familiar with the city.

6. The earlier the better

If you can get your freak on earlier in the weekend (preferably Friday night), the more time you have to rest and prepare for the week ahead. In the absence of a Saturday Owambe, why not have a lazy day?

Sleep and rest as much as you can as these will help you recuperate after a crazy week/weekend and get over a hangover, if applicable. This seems like the least thing to do on this list but in light of the gidi bustle, a forethought about your weekly outfits, documents and any other relevant plan for the week saves you the frenzy that emanates from being unprepared. This time indoors is indeed a treasured gift.

Nevertheless, experiencing the night life of Lagos should be on your bucket list. You have not met Lasgidi if you are always home before sunset. Eko o ni baje!!!

What’s your Gidi night story? Feel free to share your personal tips for surviving Lagos’ intense nightlife in the comment section.

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