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Album Digest: Lizzo Preaches Self-Love In New Album ‘Cuz I Love You’

Album Digest: Lizzo Preaches Self-Love In New Album ‘Cuz I Love You’

Cuz I Love you

Over the years, Lizzo’s mantra has always been to love yourself and we saw this through the projects she released in the past. We all know how stressful it could be seeing as it’s not something that is taught in school, but Lizzo makes it sound like fun. She’s an excellent singer, rapper, dancer and an amazing flautist.

Less than a week ago, Lizzo, born Melissa Vivian Jefferson released her third album to much fan fair. Titled ‘Cuz I Love You,’ this is her first release under the record label, Atlantic Records. The album which lasts for about half an hour materializes the subjects of self-love and awareness, emphasizing that self-love isn’t selfish.

The album starts with a shrieking sound of “I’m crying cuz I love you,” – a perfect opener that emits all the rage built up inside Lizzo as high notes. Her vocal range is flawless and her show of it sent chills down my spine.

Like a Girl‘ cites some of the most influential women in every industry; Lauryn Hill, Serena Williams, e.t.c. and how they have positively influenced Lizzo to embrace her womanhood. The song also shows how flexible her lyrics are.

Cuz I Love you

The next single, ‘Juice declares how self-love is contagious. It also talks about her spirit character with lyrics like “if I’m shinning everybody gonna shine.” The beat slows down with ‘Jerome’ as she publicly calls out players and shouts out every single person who has left a toxic relationship or someone who isn’t good enough.

The bass-filled sound of Soulmate sees her professing her undying love for herself as she comes first no matter what. While ‘Cry baby’ welcomes a flood of emotions she had kept at bay for so long but is now letting out as she sang along the line “I don’t need to apologise, cuz big girls gotta cry.”

Lizzo teams up with legendary rapper, Missy Elliot to form a powerful duo. Together they deliver a fast tempo, upbeat and twerkable anthem along the lines of “Slow songs are for skinny hoes… I’m a thick bitch, I need tempo.” 

Although Gucci Mane can’t really be imagined on a song with Lizzo, he serves his purpose on Exactly How I Feel as her voice and vivacious personality continue to shine. Also, Better In Colour sees backing vocals perfectly blend with chords made by an electric guitar to form a chorus of sound and an anthem which celebrates love.

In contrast, ‘Heaven help us’ begins with a piano opening which is reminiscent of historic black churches in the U.S. The lyric choices are very effective and pay homage to black voices, referencing gospel music at some point. However, she ends the song with a beautiful flute number.

‘Lingerie’ serves as the closing song to this empowering rollercoaster of an album. The song takes us back to classical R&B and talks about intimacy and sex very smoothly.

Certainly, Cuz I Love You is going to be on a lot of lips for a long time; not only because of its amazing execution but also because of its honest and empowering views that advise people to love and live life fiercely.

Watch the videos of Cuz I Love You and Tempo below…

1. Cuz I Love You

2. Tempo

The full album is available on iTunes.

Photo Credit: IG | Lizzo

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