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Ajifa Atiluku Releases “One Naija” Films Starring Falz TheBahdGuy To Preach Love + Unity

Ajifa Atiluku Releases “One Naija” Films Starring Falz TheBahdGuy To Preach Love + Unity

Christmas is a season of love and it is in this spirit that media personality Ajifa Atiluku drops two short films titled “Relationship – One Naija” and “Football – One Naija” to preach love, unity and oneness for our people and also to get you in the yuletide spirit.

Relationship – One Naija features Folarin ‘Falz’ Falana, Gbolahan “Bolly Lomo” Olatunde, Serumum Ubwa, Collins Chukwu while Football – One Naija features Gbolahan “Bolly Lomo” Olatunde and many others. The films were directed by Ajifa Atuluku, produced by Amiola Aguda, Victoria Dogo, Amara Nwankpa and Luke Oyovbaire (Lukeaire Films) and supported by the Ford Foundation.

Watch the short films here…

Football – One Naija

Relationship – One Naija

Transcripts from the video…


Nothing binds us more than
Such a beautiful game,
Bringing us together
Like a melting pot of flavours
It whets our passion
Sends our hearts racing
Roaring at the top of our voices
Each goal a celebration
We pledge to our nation
A win is for our people
Defending her unity
A peaceful community
Upholding her honour
We are one Nigeria

Nothing divides us more than
Such a competitive game
Ripping us apart
Like families in time of war
It ignites our anger
Sends our hearts racing
Defending our people
Each miss becomes a chance
To shoot down our neighbours
Our tongues, a weapon
Our tribes, an armour
We’ve become a nation pretending in unison
Switching identities
From Igbo to Yoruba
Hausa to Igala
Ijaw to Efik
Fulani to Urhobo
We are 300 different people,
Trapped in boxes of ethnicity
Forgetting what unites us
The blood which flows through us
Because one of them has failed us

Nothing reunites us more than
He who was cast down
Has now made us proud
So we come together again
Chanting songs of victory
He is one of us
We are proud to be Nigerian
No matter the regalia
Until another fails us.
When are we one Nigeria?


We will all find love someday
We never know which way
Our heart will want what it wants much to our surprise
It will become Captivated, infatuated, seeing only love in each other’s eyes
We will thank the day we found this love
A perfect gift from above
Packaged in imperfect perfection
…it will seem
Our hearts racing
…for each day would be a dream

Sometimes we would wonder If it is too good to be true
Too scared to be heartbroken, scared of facing the truth
So we tell each other, I never want to lose you
I choose you above all,
I cannot spend a day without you
Hand in hand we would run to tell the world
The day has finally come
We have found the perfect love
Until those who love us, tell us that we cannot be one
For though we may be perfect,
He is Igbo and I must go
Who is to tell us when we are one?

Is it you? Is it us? Or our ancestors dead and gone?
Why should I be punished for a crime I never committed?
Continuing this tribal war which says our love is not permitted
This love is no weapon of war
The battle you fight can never be won
So tell me your story and I’ll tell you mine too
Show me your history one page at a time
Tell me, please tell me
When are we one Nigeria?

Featured image: IG | Bollylomo

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