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Adekunle Gold’s Latest Release ‘Kelegbe Megbe’ Comes With An Afro-Futuristic Video

Adekunle Gold’s Latest Release ‘Kelegbe Megbe’ Comes With An Afro-Futuristic Video


If there’s one artiste who does not have one bad song, it’s Adekunle Gold. Two albums and many singles since the start of his musical career and he keeps surprising us with Afro-infused songs and well thought-out videos you can’t help but vibe to.

The Afro pop artist recently returned with a new song which is highly influenced by Afrobeat legend, Fela Kuti and produced by master producer, Sess. With its heavy use of wind instruments and a live band, “Kelegbe Megbe” – which translates to Know Your Level – pays homage to the traditional sounds of Nigerian highlife, contrasting with the mainstream sounds of his previous work.

Adekunle Gold kelegbe megbe

On Kelegbe Megbe, Adekunle Gold gives out free life advice and lessons to the faction of people who do not know their level and as such incline towards passing their boundaries. With notable lyrics like “Money don’t buy Charisma” and “Ogogoro no be Vodka,” it can be asserted that no matter how much a thing might be widely accepted, it still can’t match some particular standard.

The ex-YBNL music label member also uses the song to call out people in every industry who do not know their place and claim to be unrivaled. When asked to speak about his inspiration for his latest music, Adekunle Gold said:

“When you know who you are, what you represent and are fully confident in yourself, you stop listening to opinions, trends and suggestions, good or bad because if you believe the good from a source, you better believe the bad from that same source, after all, human beings are fickle.”

The single got released along with a concept video, directed by renowned Nigerian filmmaker Clarence Peters. The video, which bursts with character echoes the song’s message that you should follow your own lead and not obey any rules and do what feels good.

Besides the message the video passes across, the styling of the characters, including Adekunle Gold was spectacular. They were all clad in traditional-inspired Nigerian and African attires – so yea, lots and lots of prints. But this wasn’t your regular dose of “printastic vibes!” We’re talking next level “Ankara” vibes here. Overall, the video styling was created around an Afrocentric-futuristic theme which made the video even more appealing.

Watch the video of Kelegbe Megbe by Adekunle Gold below…

Photo credit: IG | Adekunlegold – Son

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