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A Look Back At Meghan Markle And Harry’s Stunning Style As Royals

A Look Back At Meghan Markle And Harry’s Stunning Style As Royals


With the start of the new year, one of Britain’s most famous royals, Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle decided to step back as senior members of the royal family and spend more time in North America. No one saw it coming, or at least, 99.999% of the world didn’t.

In a recently released statement by the Palace, the Queen said she is supportive of her grandson’s decision and that Harry, Meghan and Archie would always be loved as members of her family. It is worthy of note that as the couple steps back, the Palace confirmed that they do not want to be reliant on public funds in their new lives.

The Queen’s official statement

As they step back, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex will be losing their HRH styles, becoming known as Harry, Duke of Sussex, and Meghan, Duchess of Sussex. It is said that the change will take effect in the Spring as the couple will officially no longer be working royals by then. Although they will not use their HRHs, they will still retain them. Harry, who was born a prince of Wales, remains a prince. He has been styled with HRH since birth.

One thing is for sure, even though the stylish royals are exiting the royal family to live life normally, we can’t take away the fact that these two have given us some of the most stylish moments of the last decade especially coming from the royal world. From the time they started dating to when they got married in what we can all agree was THE wedding of the last decade, all eyes have been on their wardrobe and style choices.


Meghan Markle has been known to defy some of the fashion protocols placed by the royal family and this has endeared her to many just as it has caused royal fanatics to give her more than the side-eye and mean tweets.

In as much as the British press has not been fair to her for the most part, there is no denying that Meghan’s style has sold out many stores and fashion items. The immense love for her style earned her the title of the Most Powerful Dresser of 2019 by Lyst.

When it comes to their style as a couple, Harry and Meghan Markle have consistently complemented each other’s style since they revealed their relationship. With Meghan, Harry’s style evolved to a polished, modern and more prince-like look. To say these stylish royals are in sync with their style would be an understatement and to say we’re going to miss seeing them slay royally would be putting it lightly. Until we see how their style evolves outside of Buckingham Palace, we can only hold on to the beautiful memories of their most elegant attires.

Let’s take a look back at Meghan and Harry’s style as royals…


Royal Baby


Photo credit: Instagram | #meghanmarkleandharry, Getty Images

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