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10 Ugliest Shoes From Fashion Weeks and 10 Reasons Not to Rock the Ugly Shoe Trend

10 Ugliest Shoes From Fashion Weeks and 10 Reasons Not to Rock the Ugly Shoe Trend

Amongst the sea of stylish trends we can’t wait to try, impractical pieces that stimulated our creative minds and gorgeous shoes that brought out our inner shoe fetishes, fashion month was flooded with ugly shoes, a trend that is cast off as laid back, quirky and an ‘I don’t give two…’ attitude. Why designers like Christopher Kane, Missoni, Gucci and the likes have decided to subject us to this much pain and heartbreak, I guess we’ll never know. However, one thing we know for sure are the reasons we won’t be caught dead in these pairs of uglies.

1 | Alexander Wang Hybrid Sandal


Looks like Mr Wang was inspired to design this sandals by hospital tubes. You know the ones used to pass food and urea (waste) in and out of patients. Either way, I’m not a fan of tubes nor hospitals and so, the of thought shoes mimicking those makes me cringe!

2 | The Gucci Flatforms


My grandma’s been robbed! Her white table cloth and floral curtains are missing. Oh! Look! There they are on the Gucci models.

3 | Mason Margiela


Looks like the ugly duckling lovechild of clogs and a submarine. Can you spot the lights on the side?

4 | Missoni 


Missoni would have better luck selling those super pointy witchy shoes at Hogwarts than in the real world.

5  | Prada 


I like to think of this as a sophisticated genetic mutation that occurred when Professor Utonium (Power Puff Girls) added a rubber slide strap, 90s style sandals, kitten heels and ‘everything not nice’ all in one shoe.

6 | Ferragamo

salvator-ferragamoThis is what happens when the top part of your sneaks come off while on the move and you’re stuck with the sole and a matching pair of socks. Thanks, but no thanks.

7 | Christopher Kane


Crocs are fashionably unacceptable after the ages of 1 – 6. Why Chris Kane thought bejeweled  crocs would bring us to our knees in an intense shoegasm, we’ll never know.

8 | Hood by Air


Four words, “come and be going.”

9 | Armani 


I imagine this is what you wear when your feet has rabies and you’re trying to stop them from biting other people.

10 | Dries Van Noten


This is what happens when you say to your cobbler ‘I want super feminine slides’ so he throws on some cute bows but then he run out of heels so rips off the leg of his couch and viola!

So what are your thoughts? Would you wear any of these disasters?

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