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9 Fabulous Gele Styles To Inspire Your Next Aso Ebi Slay!

9 Fabulous Gele Styles To Inspire Your Next Aso Ebi Slay!

There are numerous reasons why we adorn headwraps. Firstly, don’t you just love how the gele can transform you from bland to stylish within the twinkle of an eye? Secondly, it’s all thanks to history and culture that we should celebrate the art of tying the gele, which is something Nigerians have been culturally programmed to do especially when there is a function to attend.

Like everything else in Fashion, the gele goes through some reform every now and then.  Over time, styles like asake gele, avant-garde, onile gogoro, take a bow, abebe gele, Boys follow-me, ceiling fan, hand fan and oleku gele have become popular for a period before bowing out and you can trust that the change is constant. So just how do you know what’s still in vogue at the moment? Well, by staying glued to Style Rave! We watch the trends and report to you so you don’t get left behind.

So here are the gele styles that are currently the rave of the moment…










Gele artistes have most certainly gotten more and more innovative with their creations and we can’t wait to see how the gele is transformed next!

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