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8 Times KYLIE JENNER Proved She’s The Ultimate Makeup Muse

8 Times KYLIE JENNER Proved She’s The Ultimate Makeup Muse


Kylie Jenner is no ordinary 21-year old! Well on her way to becoming the world’s youngest self-made billionaire, the makeup entrepreneur has almost magically accomplished so much in a relatively short while. Although it took about three years to build the Kylie Cosmetics brand to what it is right now, there’s no arguing that the last born of the Kardashian/Jenner clan has done extremely well for herself.

By staying true to her passion and working hard for her dreams, her makeup brand – Kylie cosmetics – is one of the fastest, if not the fastest, growing cosmetics companies in the world right now. The brand, which initially produced only lip kits now produces other beauty products including eye shadows, face palettes and more.


One cannot deny how good the products look and many beauty influencers have also verified the products are great to use. The young mother of one is not just known for her makeup brand but also for her makeup game which inspired the creation of the brand in the first place. And through her Instagram and Snapchat, we can confirm just how much passion Kylie has for makeup in “real” life which also reflects in her business.


While Kylie looks outstanding when made up by professional makeup artists, she is definitely just as good when it comes to working with beauty products by herself and she never disappoints with her looks. She has proven over time that she’s her brand’s ultimate muse! Which is why we’re seizing this moment to throw a salute to Kylie’s makeup mastery.

Check out 8 times Kylie Jenner proved she’s the ultimate makeup muse…




Photo Credit: IG | KylieJenner

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