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8 Style Secrets Every Man Should Know | Style Guide

8 Style Secrets Every Man Should Know | Style Guide

Most men know the importance of wearing clothes that fit well but there’s more to mastering menswear than just great fitting. After all, no memorable style was created from just being confined to the basic commandments of fashion.

Besides knowing the fundamentals of fashion, it is now time to take your style to the next-level and we have come up with a few secrets to get you going.

Invest in quality clothing

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Yes it might look very affordable at the point of purchase but you just might want to consider its durability. Will it stand the test of time or will the seams come apart after two washes? Remember, two great pieces of clothing are better than 5 shitty ones.

Wet-wipes are not only for babies or ladies

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A packet of wet-wipes is the perfect quick clean for your trainers. It is very effective in picking up dirt and it doesn’t really require much time and work. It’s also safe to use as there is no strong ingredient to damage your kicks.

Find a good great tailor!

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Every Style Raven man knows that a few inexpensive and quick alterations can really make a huge difference to an item of clothing and how it fits. If you’re a thrift shopper, you already know the importance of this secret. What is standing between you and that amazing vintage jacket is a tailor who will have it altered to better fit your shape and ensure that you look sharp as a tack.

Beard or not?

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Don’t think about your head hair and facial hair as separate; see them as part of the same overall look. Just because you can grow a beard doesn’t mean you should; and just because everyone else is growing beards doesn’t mean you need one!

Before you make a hair related decision, you have to consider what would go well with your face shape, hairstyle, lifestyle and wardrobe. Your overall style should determine your hair style.

Shoes can make or mar

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No matter how stylishly you dress, you can’t neglect the need for investing in quality shoes. You don’t need lots of options, just the classics to start with. As the saying goes, good shoes will take you places.

Trend versus Style

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According to Warren Beckett, “trends are a necessary evil when it comes to the world of fashion, but looking trendy and looking stylish aren’t necessarily the same thing.”

Best to wear things that suit you and not be stuck on trying to copy every trend out there. If the latest trend doesn’t work for your particular body type, then sit that particular trend out. You should know which items flatter you, so stick to what works and don’t be lured by the temptation of the latest ‘must-have’ item.

‘Sock’ it up!

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A good pair of socks goes a long way to up the style factor. 2016 saw a lot of Style Ravens looking dapper with their socks game on point. A pair of socks in an interesting print, fabric or length really adds that finishing touch that makes a good look, great.

Review your wardrobe

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It is always very useful to have a quick wardrobe review, especially before you head out for a major shopping trip. Have an open mind but make sure to focus on wardrobe anchors like jeans, a certain sweater neckline, a preferred shape of shirt, a jacket etc. Be sure you can pair your new item with what is already in your wardrobe.

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