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6 Protective Hair Styles For Natural Hair Inspired By Alexandria Nnamaka of NappyHaired

6 Protective Hair Styles For Natural Hair Inspired By Alexandria Nnamaka of NappyHaired

There are endless ways of styling the natural hair. According to Self-acclaimed natural hair enthusiast and author Chimamanda Adichie Ngozi, she says: “It doesn’t have to be dreads. You can wear an Afro or braids like you used to. There’s a lot you can do with natural hair”. The quote clearly depicts the versatility of styling natural hair. Natural hair can be styled in creative ways. Protective hairstyles help to rehydrate the hair, protect from environmental factors, perfect for length retention as well as give a stylish look to the hair.

As soothing as it feels to wear your natural hair in a protective style, a lot of naturalistas are often faced with the decision of what protective hairstyle to rock? Taking a cue from Hair, Beauty and Lifestyle blogger and self-taught wig maker, Alexandria Nnamaka of Nappyhaired, Alex is one of the few that has seamlessly mastered the art of creatively styling her natural hair and is never afraid to experiment with her hairstyles. Whether she is spotted rocking a fabulous hairstyle on her personal Instagram page or sharing hair tips and styles on her blog account, Alex always serves it hot!

Here are 6 protective styles from Alex…

The Short Twist

Going for an edgy look? Then try the bob length twist. It is always an ideal protective hairstyle. They take little to no effort to maintain and can be worn for weeks.

The Ombre Crotchet Twist

Want to spice things up? For an edgier look, you can install a coloured crochet twist. Crotchet Twist is perfect if you want to get a more relaxed hair look.

The Custom Afro Wig

Custom made wigs are a perfect way to protect the natural hair and keep it rehydrated especially is you are not a fan of crochet and braids. You can always opt for a wig. The afro wig has a more natural and refined look and the best part is you can get one made to suit your specifications.

The Blow-out Unit

Want a softer look? You should definitely try this. It is advisable for a sophisticated and very natural look. It mimics a blown out natural hair. If you are a fan of big hair, you should definitely try this.

Yarn Box Braids

You can opt for an unconventional look by trying this. It’s a great alternative for typical box braids. This look was inspired by Falana music. For an edgier look, you can opt for a shorter length.

The Zoe Kit

Going for a more subtle look yet sophisticated, this hairstyle is a good choice. It is similar to the ombre crotchet twist but without the color pop.

Which of these hairstyles would you be trying out?

Photo credit: IG | Nappyhaired

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