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Trail Africa: 10 Tourist Destinations In Southern Africa To Soothe Your Mind – Part II

Trail Africa: 10 Tourist Destinations In Southern Africa To Soothe Your Mind – Part II


We recognize that a lot of people are stressed out by the demands of work, business, lifestyle, and even family. Over the past few weeks, we have explored destinations in diverse regions of the world with calm and soothing qualities for the traveler. Last week, we explored the following Southern African tourist destinations perfect as a hideaway from hectic lifestyles and noisy, heckling cities: the Namib Desert (Namibia); the Skeleton Coast Park (Namibia); the wine regions of Stellenbosch, Franschhoek and Paarl (South Africa); Kruger National Park (South Africa); and Victoria Falls (Zambia). We continue the series with this list of five more Southern African destinations to explore.

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#1. Table Mountain, South Africa

Photo: @capetowngetaway/Instagram

The majestic and picture-perfect Table Mountain of Cape Town has all the poetic beauty and calming virtues that have made it one of South Africa’s iconic natural attractions. The mountain, which was an inspiration for the great Miriam Makeba’s album of the same name, is flat-topped like a table of rock hewn to precision. This iconic mountain can inspire anything from a tour in pursuit of transcendental aims to trips in search of pure fun and even romantic quests; it never ceases to calm and soothe nerves.

A view of Table Mountain from your chic hotel or luxury lodge is breathtakingly beautiful. But nature and technology meet on the Table Mountain Aerial Cableway. Visitors enjoy the thrill of floating on the big wonder of Southern African tourism. Look out below and you might spot wildlife dotting the mountain – snakes or mongooses, grysbok, or dassies. What an adventurous way to unwind!

#2. The Town of Kolmanskop, Namibia

Photo: @mvandersluis/Instagram

For a harried tourist, there is often a desire to bolt away to a faraway, lonely destination devoid of crowds and the bustle of the city. Kolmanskop satisfies such a desire. Many years ago, a Namibian town was rich in diamonds and had wealthy residents. It also had a train system, a flourishing theater, a school, a hospital, a ballroom, and scenic German-styled architecture. Unfortunately, this town fell on hard times, the previously wealthy residents packed their things and left, and the town became a ghost town. That is the story of Kolmanskop.

It began to flourish in 1908 and became a ghost town in 1954. But it’s not an eerie place without life now; it’s become an intriguing museum slowly being taken over by the ever-powerful, ever-ambitious Namib Desert. The calm, poetic ambiance of Kolmanskop will stick with you for a long time. Here, there will be a lot to feed; not only your camera but also your mind.

#3. Garden Route, South Africa

Photo: @capetowngetaway/Instagram

Garden Route is a long stretch of coastal road (about 300 kilometers) on the southwest tip of South Africa fringed by lush greenery and shrubbery meandering all the way through enchanting coast towns, lush forests, beautiful beaches, and awesome mountain passes. Fans of road trips will definitely enjoy this never-boring tour. Tourists on the Garden Route ride can also enjoy whale-watching tours, mountain hiking activities, and cave exploration.

#4. Lake Malawi, Malawi

Photo: @visit_malawi_places/Instagram

If a placid freshwater lake fringed by towering mountains and beautiful sandy shores does not soothe the mind, I wonder what else will. Lake Malawi is endowed with all the attractions that suites a tourist seeking fun and stress-free relaxation. Sit or lounge on the beach here; sip a cocktail, read a book – or better still, do nothing except idle all day looking out to the lake, the mountains, the surrounding exquisite beach sand, and the calm, setting sun.

#5. Okavango Delta, Botswana

Photo: @offthetrackzim/Instagram

A wildlife destination with a luxurious camp can be a great way to unwind after a bout of hectic work. As the Okavango River flows into the Kalahari Desert, it creates a large ecosystem in the Okavango Delta. This Delta is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and home to a wide array of birds and animals delightful to behold. By the end of June, flood water swamps the Okavango Delta, forming an arresting sight and attraction for visitors.

A boating safari offers pleasant views of lush greenery and fascinating species of birds, fish, reptiles, and mammals. On the Delta is Jao Camp, a quintessential safari camp providing some of the best wildlife viewing opportunities in the world. An architectural and sculptural delight, Jao offers soothing and awesome hospitality with spacious, towering interiors that will give your mind plenty of room to heal.

You will enjoy views of the Delta’s spectacular lions said to be the largest lions in the world. Guides will tell you that the lions are big due to the high population of buffalo they prey on and also because the lions walk through the Delta’s numerous streams, building up their muscles. Nothing compares with the awesome experience of this place.

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Featured image: Kesia Burdett via @capetowngetaway/Instagram 

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