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5 Important Things Your Nails Are Saying About Your Health

5 Important Things Your Nails Are Saying About Your Health

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e all love to have healthy nails. Maybe it’s the satisfaction we get when we stare at them or the pride that stems from having a complete stranger pay them a compliment. Whichever it is, beautiful, healthy nails are the delight of every woman, and achieving them is a dream come true.

What’s equally interesting about your nails is that they can serve as a mirror to your overall health. That’s right, your nail health can be a good way to measure your health. Of course, we are by no means suggesting you ignore the professional diagnosis of your doctor. Certainly not! All this article seeks to provide is the much-needed knowledge on what your nail health is trying to communicate to you at every time.

As much as the changes in your nails say a lot about your health, sometimes they are harmless and shouldn’t be the only indicator. As stated earlier, getting a proper test is the most effective way to diagnose a health issue.

Some of the ways to know if you have healthy nails are:

  • They are uniform in color.
  •  The nails are smooth without ridges or discoloration.
  • They are properly attached to the skin and do not grow out of shape.

Check out these nail health indicators for overall health state…

1. Cracked nails

Photo: Tom Barrett | Unsplash

Brittle and/or split nails have been linked to thyroid dysfunction but sometimes it could simply be due to frequent wetting and drying of the nails. Start off by applying hand creams that contain Lanolin. If it persists, consult your doctor.

2. Peeling nails

This could be an underlying health issue, however, if you regularly wear nail extensions without giving your natural nails time to breathe, you just might be familiar with peeling nails. One way to fix this is to let your weak nails breathe and recuperate. Accordingly, if your toenails do the same and you’ve not had nail extensions on, then it might be due to something more serious like a calcium deficiency. Before you run around self-medicating, try eating healthier and also see a doctor to be sure what you’re up against.

3. Yellow nails

Photo: Luis Quintero | Unsplash

Your nails could just be yellow from all that palm oil in your favorite soup but on a more serious note, it could also be caused by diabetes, lung diseases, and any other illness. Try taking Vitamin E for a while, but if it persists, go to the hospital to overrule any serious ailment.

4. White spots/lines on nails

Photo: Wikipedia

Growing up in Nigeria, we were told that if we sang to a certain bird as it flew in the sky, it would definitely grace us with these white spots. It seemed accurate at the time. Poor children! This shows that white spots on fingers are very common and almost always harmless. White spots might appear after hitting your nails against a hard surface or it might be a symptom of something more serious like leprosy or typhoid fever.

5. Nails separating

This is a situation whereby the nails start to grow completely detached from its bed. It could be associated with trauma, but sometimes may be a result of psoriasis. It’s been reported that about 60% of patients with psoriasis have this symptom. Keep this in mind however that if your nails haven’t gone through some form of trauma, err on the side of caution and get them checked out.

Note: If you’re unaware of the cause of any abnormalities on the nails that persist beyond a few weeks, seek professional help. A stitch in time saves nine, or maybe in this case, your health.

Featured image: Buhle Samuels | Instgaram 

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