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5 Stylish Nigerian Men To Follow For Daily Style Inspo In 2019

5 Stylish Nigerian Men To Follow For Daily Style Inspo In 2019


Instagram has grown from just another social media app to a huge lifestyle hub divided into niches like fashion, beauty, travel and so much more. These niches are being led by celebrities, socialites, bloggers, YouTubers and others who have taken positions as the leaders of the pack.

In this day and age, the best of style is no longer found between the pages of a glossy magazine. It is found on the Gram or better yet, right here on Style Rave! However, with so many options out there, it’s actually becoming harder to decide on which stylish Nigerian men you can resonate with. So, to save you some trouble, we’ve curated a list of 5 Nigerian Instagram influencers you should follow for daily style inspiration in 2019.

These ones constantly dish out value-adding content in the form of pictures and videos that are sure to help you become a more stylish version of yourself in the new year.

Here they are…

Igee Okafor


Igee writes about better living and style on his eponymous blog and posts pictures on his Instagram that are geared towards inspiring men to dress better especially those of us that are minimalist by nature. He generally posts very simple yet seriously stylish OOTDs and his audience are constantly glued.

Noble Igwe


This creative entrepreneur and fashion influencer is well known for his versatile style and wardrobe that spans from suits to dashikis to agbadas and literally anything you can imagine. This versatility makes him the perfect fashion influencer because he caters to an eclectic audience.

Kuyet Bamai


Award-winning fashion blogger, social media strategist and photographer Kuyet Bamai is a readers’ favourite. This is because of his extremely cohesive Instagram feed that is made up of amazing self-portraits, flat lays, and OOTDs. In such a short time, Kuyet has grown a very engaged audience due to how much he stands out from the crowd and how refined his content is.

Ric Hassani


This very stylish singer has earned his place as a style influencer and a fashion force worth reckoning with since he debuted. His Afrocentric style, signature glasses and ability to reinvent African print with such ease and casualness is one of the things that has propelled his success today. He has built a brand and reputation for himself as one of the most stylish Nigerian musicians and his Instagram followers comprise of a good number of people who follow him for his unique sense of style.

Akin Faminu


Without a doubt, Akin Faminu is one of the most stylish men in the Nigerian digital space. Stylish without much effort – Akin’s reputation as a men’s style blogger more than precedes him. This medical practitioner’s dapper style is the stuff that men’s fashion dreams are made of. With well thought out fashion editorials and attention to details, Dr Faminu’s content are always a hundred per cent and more when it comes to quality.

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