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5 Stylish Looks To Try Before February Is Over | SR Gents

5 Stylish Looks To Try Before February Is Over | SR Gents


hen it comes to fashion, the possibilities are endless! There are so many outfit combinations to try, from the classic casual tee-shirt and jeans to a long line jacket to a three piece suit. The endlessness of this possibility makes every day worth looking forward to for fashion lovers because each day is an opportunity to try a new stylish ensemble and have fun while doing it.

We have curated 5 classic and trendy outfit combinations to help spice up your looks this month…

1. Blue Denim X White Shirt Combination 

stylish And Classic Outfits To Try

The blue Jeans and white shirt combination is one of the surest and safest fashion hacks to look modern and fashionably chic in. Like Noble Igwe, spice your look up with a cool hat, statement shoes or any other accessory that shows style prowess.

2. Track Pants

stylish And Classic Outfits To Try

A few years back, the athleisure trend came into the fashion scene and has surprisingly stayed put. The athleisure trend is simply you wearing a piece of clothing that should originally have been for working out as a normal fashion item. Now athleisure has gone beyond a trend to a standard fashion item. The best part about the athleisure trend is that it is easily repeatable.

3. Trench Coat


Trench coats have a way of instantly elevating your outfit and taking you from drab to fab simply because they are a perfect blend of casual and sophistication. They can be worn over a casual tee shirt and trousers or on a formal dress-shirt for a more dapper look.

4. Dungarees

stylish And Classic Outfits To Try

When dungarees came back to the fashion scene I was over the moon because as a kid, dungarees were my favorite thing. Dungarees are easily styled and you can hardly ever go wrong with dungarees, especially when worn over a tee-shirt. When you get tired, you can easily remove the straps for a more relaxed vibe and for the more daring souls, you can wear it without wearing anything underneath.

5. Double or Triple Denim


Wearing a double denim combo – or even a triple denim – combo is an easy way to go from just a regular Joe to a fashion cool kid without having to break your bank. It could be a denim shirt and denim trousers, or a denim jacket worn over a denim shirt – with denim, the possibilities are frankly endless.

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