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5 Popping Songs You Should Catch Up On Now

5 Popping Songs You Should Catch Up On Now

The past few weeks have been particularly interesting in the music industry with several collaborations between top artistes from Lagos to Los Angeles, album releases, single releases and of course a healthy amount of shade and diss to keep it all spicy and interesting.

You see, one of the easiest and cost friendliest ways for me to treat myself is to go through my music: delete old ones that no longer make me feel groovy, and update my playlist with new songs from my favourite artists or artists I just discovered. It’s a very simple act but it literally changes my mood in a matter of seconds and usually leaves me dancing and grooving!

This proves that self-care doesn’t have to do with spa treatments, but a simple act like downloading a new album or single could be all that is needed to elevate your mood. So, if today you need a cost-friendly self-care alternative to help de-stress after a stressful day or week, then I have your back with some of the best latest music releases!

Catch up on five of the hottest recent releases from artists around the world…

1. Nicki Minaj – Ganja Burn

Rapper Nicki Minaj opened up her recent album, Queen with Ganja Burn – a song that pays homage to her Trinidadian heritage and talks about her state of mind while creating the masterpiece that Queen is. Ganja Burns is one of those songs that can be felt on an almost spiritual level with the sonorous sounds which have enough cultural spice that makes it feel sacred and unique.

2. Ciara ft Tekno – Freek Me

A collaboration between one of the musical giants of the RnB and pop industry and one of the best Afrobeat singers? Of course, yes! The song Freek Me features the best of Ciara’s talents and Tekno’s artistry, a perfect blend of sounds that cater to the need of the fans of both Ciara and Tekno while simultaneously proving the growth of Afropop and how it is no longer just an indigenous sound but now internationally acclaimed.

Although the song was met with mixed reviews after being choked with accusations of infringing on Tiwa Savage’s “Before Nko,” it is still a must listen!

3. Ariana Grande | Goodnight n go

A fan favourite from her newly released album Sweetener, Goodnight n go is a sweet mix of pop and RnB that is particularly well executed with simple yet beautiful lyrics which Ariana’s airy vocals did justice to. An almost perfect love song with a very light mood which will easily illuminate a room is definitely a rarity.

4. Davido – Nwa Baby

One of Nigeria’s best artistes and the king of consistent releases which have the dancefloors busy, Davido recently released  Nwa Baby – a club anthem which is similar to a good number of his releases yet manages to be distinct from all the others.

5. Nicki Minaj – Barbie Dreams

The highlight for many fans in Nicki’s album Queen is Barbie Dreams – which was inspired by the Notorious B.I.G.’s Ready to Die classic Just Playing (Dreams) and 50 Cents’ How to Rob – a beautiful name dropping rap masterpiece which managed to shut down the just concluded VMAs when Nicki Minaj performed it. This song has all the right elements needed to make it rap perfect; braggadocios, name dropping, fire rap lines and a bit of cuss words.

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