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5 Celebrity Hairspiration Ideas From Your Favourite Male Celebrities 

5 Celebrity Hairspiration Ideas From Your Favourite Male Celebrities 


Good grooming should never be underestimated as it affects both the overall look of an outfit and the confidence of the person involved. Also, to be able to function and fit in in today’s society, you must make sure your personal grooming is up to standard. One of the easiest ways to broadcast respect for yourself is to look good and doing so can build pride and confidence, establish your uniqueness and help you decide which aspects of your inner life you’d like to highlight and share.

The society looks up to a person whose appearance is presentable and our celebrities do not fail us in this regard. Most celebrities rock a particular haircut which becomes their signature look and is reflective of their brand.

A look at 5 celebrities serving hairspiration…

1. The Neat Bald Cut

Banky W Hairstyle, Banky Wellington Hairstyle, Banky W In A Suit, Banky W's Haircut
Banky W | @bankywellington

Banky’s signature look has been the clean bald look with neatly groomed and on-fleek sideburns which goes well with his gentleman persona and style. To emulate this look, be sure to have a well-structured head. A smooth and well-rounded head is the most ideal to pull this off.

2. The Close Shaven Cut

Lynxx, lynxx hair style, Nigerian musician hairstyles, Lynxx haircut
Lynxx | @lynxx

The close shaven cut is one that, when done right, easily exudes masculinity and Lynxx definitely does it right. For the guys with a muscular build, this haircut should be your go-to style because there is a tendency that any other hairstyle might make you look less like a gentleman and more of a tout.

3. Locs

Bryan Okawara, Bryan Okwara's Hair Style, Bryan Okwara Haircut, what is Bryan okwara hairstyle
Bryan Okwara | @bryanokwara

For the man who wants more! Actor, model and Brand Ambassador Bryan Okwara sports neat locs which are usually pulled back in a man bun. A hairstyle that speaks to a modern fashionable man. There’s a versatility that locs gives you and a stylish man would be able to switch looks and personality merely by how he chooses to wear the hair that day.

4. Cornrows 

Phyno, Phyno's Hair Style, Phyno's Haircut
Phyno | @phynofino

Cornrows on men is definitely a yes! Not only do they attract attention when you walk into a room, they tend to leave a mark in the minds of the people you met. This can be a good or a bad thing depending on how you choose to wear it. Recording artist – Phyno wears his with a well-groomed beard which seem to have a personality of their own and we can tell that his face isn’t leaving our memory anytime soon.

5. Coloured Buzz Cut

Olamide, Olamide Hairstyles. Blonde Hair inspiration
Olamide | @baddosneh

Switching from dark hair to a blonde is an act for the more daring man and we can say Nigerian Rapper Olamide is a very daring man. This hair colour is both a fashion statement and an accessory of its own and will definitely add a whole new vibe to any outfit he wears.

Which is your favourite? Which would you rock? 

Photo credit: IG | As captioned

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