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10 Style Hacks That Will Get You Snapped At LFDW 2016 | Men’s Style

10 Style Hacks That Will Get You Snapped At LFDW 2016 | Men’s Style

LFDW 2016

It is that time of the year again and Lagos Fashion and Design WeekLFDW has officially kicked off. Designers are ready, bloggers are ready, media houses are ready and we are here to make sure that our Style Ravens are also ready to slay and own the LFDW streets! Hey!

Trends come and go, but one thing is consistently present in the wardrobes of street style stars: bold looks that are sure to get you noticed wherever you step foot. Fashion week is always the best place to show off what you’ve learned style-wise in the past year and gather inspiration – not only from the runway, but from the streets where fashionistas strut their stuff in carefully curated outfits.

For some, LFDW is the week to become a star and for others, it is the week to remind lovers and haters alike, that you are still in the game. And just how do you do that? By making sure you get papped by the paparazzi and that you end up in as many fashion magazines, on and off the web, as possible. After all, if you never got photographed during fashion week, how else can you prove that you were even alive during this time?

We’ve got your back, so here are 10 hacks to help you stand out as a certified street style star!

Hack Number One: Carry a fun bag


Yes you read right! Make sure your man bag is interesting! Remember, it is all in the details!

Hack Number Two: Dress for the weather you are dreaming of and not the weather that is actually happening


This trick works all the time!

Hack Number Three: Don’t be afraid of colours!


This is the easiest way to stand out from the crowd and the more colours, the better. Be sure to watch it though, you don’t want to end up as a circus clown.

Hack Number Four: Act nonchalant and whatever you do, don’t look at the camera!


Look at your phone to avoid looking like you are actively seeking the gaze of the camera’s lens. This will make you look very busy and important.

Hack Number Five: Sweat the small stuff!


Don’t skip out on the finer details of your outfit. It makes you stand out as a style expert, a connoisseur of some sort.

Hack Number Six: Get a dye job


When it comes to street style, a good dye job can work wonders. You are suddenly seen as the coolest, weirdest kid on the block and photographers live for your type.

Hack Number Seven: Wear slogan pieces


This is a legit essential for every street style aficionado. Slogan pieces are bold and visually interesting, not to mention camera stopping. You come across as radical and bold and who doesn’t wanna capture radicals?

Hack Number Eight: Bring a furry friend

LFDW Street style

Seeing as this is not a popular culture in Nigeria, this is sure to get you noticed! Suddenly you appear westernized and cool. Everyone will be aiming their lens at you.

Hack Number Nine: Call in the squad!

LFDW Men's style

Two can be better than one, particularly in a photo but why call a friend when you can head out with your entire quad of style aficionados? Maybe wear the same trend, but in different variations.

Hack Number Ten: Be comfortable, confident and cool!

*Insert Your Photo Here*

Trust us, if you own your look no matter what it is, you’re going to make a perfect style series candidate.

Do you have other style tips on how to get noticed by the photographers? Do share with us in the comment section. Be sure to tag us on all your Fashion Week looks using #StyleRaveNG for a possible feature.

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