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Gidi Rave: From Yoruba Praise to Fuji Music, Experience Music the Yoruba Way | SR LIVING

Gidi Rave: From Yoruba Praise to Fuji Music, Experience Music the Yoruba Way | SR LIVING

King of Yoruba High Life Sunny Ade Performing

Music seats at the center of many cultures. It is something that is essential to the daily living of many people all around the world. For Nigerians, music isn’t just a thing, music is life! From the Igbos to Hausas and Ijaws to Ibibios, every culture has a way about their own music. One group I have watched closely when it comes to music is the Yorubas. From Yoruba praise to Yoruba sounds like fuji and high life, the Yorubas love their music and have no problem expressing that love at any time.

Of everything, I totally love how the Yorubas go down in a rhythmic back movement and how they pick up the tip of their clothing in a very delicate manner during their dance moves. It comes off as a passionate ritual for them and I can tell that they deeply experience and enjoy their music. The sound, the beat and the instruments used to make Yoruba music all play an important role in developing the beautiful sound we’ve come to love. When a Yoruba person hears his traditional music at any given time, he/she gives their bodies permission to fully enjoy that music resulting in the passionate moves that come alive whenever a Yoruba man or woman is on the dance floor.

Lagos, Nigeria’s business capital, is a Yoruba-owned city and serves as the country’s entertainment capital. The city is known for hosting some of the best Yoruba parties and a good number of internationally recognized musicians of Nigerian descent like the legendary Fela and King Sunny Ade (KSA) owe their successful careers to a Lagos start.

When you are in Gidi you have no choice but to fit into the music-buzzed lifestyle. You either tend to love music or make music, and either way, you gotta boogie as long as you are in Lagos. Because in the words of Banky W. “ain’t no party like a Lagos party.

But you don’t have to party to experience Yoruba music in Lagos, here are 3 ways to live the experience.

Yoruba Praise

yoruba praise

I am talking about praise songs like ‘E ba mi P’oruko Re Emi ni ti n’je emi ni Olorunko nla Emi ni ma se beru…’ that trended in Nigeria for a long time. Yoruba praise has a distinct sound, and is one way to experience music in Lagos. Wanna enjoy some good Yoruba praises? Sunday services + Yoruba musical instruments + praise/worship means you are literally in heaven.

Yoruba Bands


Have you seen a Yoruba live band perform before? Or Attended a Yoruba Wedding? The euphoria is inexplicable. It’s as if they said “everybody go down low”. The dance floor is open to all ages, and all classes of people. It is so fun and merry – or should I say LIT!

Yoruba Sounds 


Fuji, high life and Afro-beat are a few sub-genres under a broader Yoruba music genre. Thanks to the Sunny Ades’ and Felas’ who pioneered and popularized Yoruba music – and Nigerian music in general – on a global scale, the likes of Wizkid, D’banj and Olamide have only had to expand on these sounds, as they add some pop to it. For this option, simply find a local club that favours yoruba sounds and dance the night away!

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