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Yomi Shabi’s ANKARA Game Is All The ‘Slayspiration’ You Need Today!

Yomi Shabi’s ANKARA Game Is All The ‘Slayspiration’ You Need Today!

Before social media, our fashion inspiration came from watching TV or waiting for magazine publications. We watched celebrities on TV and wished we could get a daily dose of their looks. Thanks to social media our wish came true and with it so much more. In recent times, amongst these celebrities and style influencers is Yomi Shabi who is also the creative director at Summer Hues and a make-up artist.

With an undeniable love for Ankara, Yomi’s style is fluid and effortlessly chic and she is said to love yellow and green as well as anything bright just like her brand name ‘Summer Hues’ indicates. Yomi knows just how to design and style an Ankara outfit to perfection and has a knack for standing out at events, hence has a collection of outfits that are off the hook.

Yomi’s Ankara outfits are simply breathtaking and unique. From bulky sleeves, whimsical trimming and playful yet chic cut-offs, it’s hard not to be inspired by her Ankara collection.

A look at her enviable Ankara collection…

Photo credit: IG | Yomisummerhues

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