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Ylang Ylang Oil: The New Essential Oil Trend

Ylang Ylang Oil: The New Essential Oil Trend

Every now and then, a new oil breaks into the mainstream beauty scene and remains on the lips of everyone. For 2020, that oil is Ylang ylang oil, which  has everyone talking and for good reason.

The ylang ylang oil comes from the Cananga Odorata tree, which is native to much of tropical Asia, from India to Papua New Guinea, and to Queensland, Australia. It is valued for the perfume extracted from its flowers, called ylang-ylang. This essential oil can be used for aromatherapy, cosmetology and medicinally.

What better time to explore its potentials than this quarantine season? With ample time on our hands, it’s convenient to try out its different uses and work your way around it. There’s only one warning: Ylang ylang oil will have you stepping out of self isolation looking like an Egyptian goddess.

5 varieties of ylang ylang oil

Photo: Instagram | @essential.parfums

The indices for this classification is based on time spent distilling the oil.

  • Extra: This is gotten during the first 1-2 hours of distillation.
  • Grades I, II and III: The time between distillations and the details can vary between distillers.
  • The complete distillate: As the name implies, it’s the last level of distillation which is obtained during 6-20 hours of distillation. It has a lighter scent than its previous counterparts and possesses a more herbaceous undertone.

Note: The extra and complete distillate are usually preferred for use in aromatherapy while the other classifications are used more in the perfumery industry.

We’ve curated 5 benefits of ylang ylang oil you’ll totally dig…

#1. Ylang ylang oil reduces anxiety

Photo: Jessica Felicio | Unsplash

With the mental pandemonium that accompanies the global coronavirus outbreak, anxiety can’t be farfetched. As you watch the news, soaking in the rising numbers of people affected, anxiety and stress might up your blood pressure. This essential oil also works as a sedative which can help keep you relax and sound, mentally and physically, through aromatherapy.

#2. It possesses antiviral properties

Did you just see antiviral? You sure did. The germacrene-D content present in ylang ylang oil is not just antiviral but antibacterial, antifungal and is even a decongestant. You finally see the need for this oil in such a time as this?

#3. Ylang ylang oil is an aphrodisiac

Photo: Becca Tapert | Unsplash

Inhale, exhale! Such a libido booster, just the right substance we need during this lockdown with our partner. The first sexual organ is the mind, the ylang ylang oil sets the mood right. Get your va va voom on!

#4. Ylang ylang oil is great for skin and hair care

Photo: Park Street | Unsplash

You can’t go wrong adding this oil to your skin and hair care routine. It facilitates hair growth and maintains oil production in both skin and hair. The antimicrobial properties prevent scalp and skin infections.

#5. Put your ylang ylang oil where your heart is

Photo: NeONBRAND | Unsplash

This oil is indeed essential for the nervous system. It aids blood circulation, repairs damaged nerves by reducing stress exerted on it. This automatically leads to a healthier heart, one void of high blood pressure and irregular heart rate.

Tip: In the absence of a diffuser or an essential oil burner, apply on a handkerchief in moderate quantity, place on the nose and inhale.

If you’ve ever asked for an essential oil that smells like love – here is one. As you stay home, stay sane and stay safe!

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