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7 Ways To Elevate Your Workwear Style This New Year + 27 Style Inspirations

7 Ways To Elevate Your Workwear Style This New Year + 27 Style Inspirations


Some might argue that the workplace is a hub for serious business, and prioritizing a well-coordinated outfit is an unnecessary distraction. This might sound logical, but is it? Research has proven that the way we dress up for work or any other event is sometimes a reflection of how we feel within, and people around us can absorb the energy. Apart from garnering positive opinions from others, nailing your workwear style game can boost your confidence as well.

Amy was always neglected by her colleagues and was never taken seriously in spite of her smart nature and ability to meet targets. She prided herself as a genius who doesn’t attend to frivolities like fashion. She did remain employed but was avoided like a plague in social circles.

If there’s anything we should learn from Amy, it’s that paying attention to your style is important, even in an office setting. It’s certainly time to think of ways to elevate your workwear style. It’s true, we acknowledge that conventional businesswear, as we know it, might stifle creativity. Notwithstanding, you might be surprised how much of a conversation starter a well-tailored suit or great accessories could be. Maybe, you can finally be allowed to make a presentation in front of everyone at work without weird glances.

Note: As convincing as dressing for the approval of others might sound, that should not be the foundation for a personal style change. The top on our list still remains, dressing up for one’s satisfaction and confidence. A budding year might be a great time to start cleaning out our closets and cultivating the art of personal style.

Check out 7 ways to elevate your workwear style this new year…

#1. The shirt game

This new year, opt for sartorially satisfying shirts. Play with collars — like the 70s collars which made quite a comeback. Also, the waistcoat has become popular, especially with the chilly weather unfolding, and layering it on a fancy white blouse is a game-changer this season.

Quick tip: Opt for a waist coat one size bigger for that boyfriend-wardrobe fashion sense.

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#2. Maybe, wear a Knitwear

We acknowledge the pandemic’s part in making knitwear a wardrobe staple. It goes beyond sweatpants, cozy knitwear comes in varying structures and appeal. Whether it’s a remote job or office affair, you might want to consider trading in your crisp button-down shirt for a knit collared shirt or a chic knit dress. Also, layering on a grandpa cardigan on corporate pants might be the one.

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#3. Suits, suits, suits

Contrary to popular belief, suits are rarely the problem, it’s in the way they are tailored and styled. Structured pieces are still in, but with less seriousness hinged on to it. In the past, a well-tailored pantsuit would have been frowned upon if styled with a pair of sneakers, but not anymore. Perhaps, play with prints, maybe in subtle colors, depending on your workplace policy. Otherwise, rock a t-shirt and button down the suit for a high-low effect. The code is to rock suits, but make it fashun.

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#4. Cinch it

A statement belt sprinkles its magic on a basic dress and changes its outlook immediately. Belts, a fashion accessory that has spent decades hiding beneath other pieces and serving one purpose of holding the bottoms in place, has now come to the fore. Put this to good use and cinch on a statement-making belt in your next ensemble, plus, they are arguably at par with a nice set of stilettos.

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#5. A color/prints splash

One sure fire way to elevate your workwear style is to inject some punchy colors and playful prints to the mix. For accessories, consider more colorful renditions. If you’re feeling adventurous, sleek separates like a colorful bottom paired with a neutral toned blouse or blazer, or a houndstooth suit can spruce things up.

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#6. Level up with sleeves

From high fashion designers to more affordable counterparts, everyone has their hands on sleeves. It seems like the fairy of creativity woke up and decided to dwell on the endless possibilities of sleeves (I kid…not!). From oversized satin sleeves to ruched statement options, these sleeves are global now.

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#7. Yes, leather works fine

Infusing a great leather piece, like a pleated midi skirt or pencil skirt, could be an apt substitute for regular office skirts, especially during the cold season. Feeling edgy and looking for ways to elevate your office wear style? Never underestimate the power of a promising leather piece. The trick is to take it one leather piece at a time. A full-on leather outfit to work might be too much statement, but this depends on how you style it.

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Check out more ideas to spice up your workwear styling…

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