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9 Fashion Trends Taking Over This Winter

9 Fashion Trends Taking Over This Winter


With each new season, there is always a desire to renew one’s wardrobe. As always, the fashion weeks set the pace for what trends will take over every winter. What will fill the shelves of clothing stores? What are the fashion trends of the winter season? These are the questions that top the list for every fashion faithful.

2020 may have been filled with a lot of sad and dark days but this season, fashion is saying no to gloom and allowing every woman to bring a little cheerfulness with her outfit choices. Flashy colors, futuristic silhouettes and accessories that shine bright are among the top elements seen during the recent fashion weeks. 

Now, more than ever, we need a touch of eccentricity in order not to feel so down with the pandemic. Which explains why it didn’t take long for face masks to become a fun or chic accessory, as creativity turned an obligation into a fashion statement.

This season, black and brown are going nowhere just as fringes are back! Dark colors aside, you’ll definitely be seeing a lot of reds because what’s the Valentine season without a pop of rouge?

This winter, leather, fringes, sequins, imposing boots, and more are at the top of fashion trends. We’ll show you how style stars are taking on the trends.

Here are 9 of the top fashion trends for winter 2021…

#1. Leather

Ama Godson, Zozibini Tunzi, and Victoria Barbára

Leather garments never go out of style and when styled the right way, they always create a winning look. Leather is not only sexy but is also classy and seriously chic. From jackets to dresses, skirts, and trousers, when combined with the right accessories, leather can help any woman achieve great style. The best part is that there is no age limit for wearing leather—from teenagers to senior citizens, anyone can dare this fashion trend.

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#2. Capes

Sade Akinosho and Füsun Lindner

Capes are essential this season because they are the chicest way to protect yourself from the cold. They also come in handy for layered looks and can be styled with belts, boots, plaids and more.

Shop editor’s cape edit



#3. Statement-making Boots

Juliette Foxx @romeosfashionfix, Didi Olomide, and Tia Maria Nelson

Boots are winter essentials and therefore are not going to be put out of the fashion game easily. They are one fashion item that shows up stronger than ever every fall and winter. From ankle-length to knee-high and even thigh-high boots, the right statement boots can take any look from 50 to 100! I should also mention that white boots are having their star moment this season.

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#4. Exaggerated sleeves

Chinyere Chi-Chi Adogu, Zovuyo Zoe Msutwana, Blue Mbombo, and Nancy Isime

Why opt for regular when you can choose exaggerated sleeves? The trend will hit every type of garment, from cotton blouses to mini-dresses, to coarse wool ribbed dresses and leather (or eco-leather) shirts. From mini to maxi exaggerations, there is always a cut for you to choose from.

#5. All Black

Mihlali Ndamase, Juliette Foxx @romeosfashionfix, and Sephora Kongo

Just because we say that the times have been a bit dark and gloomy does not mean that we can’t wear all black. When wearing black during winter, you can use sequins, patent leather and fringe elements to bring glamour, elegance, and sparkle to your look.

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#6. Fringes. Winter fashion trends.

Leonie Hanne

Fringes are coming from the past to take over the present and the future. It is no longer a question of the use of classic boho chic suede fringes, but for every possible variation. We will find them on every wardrobe item, including the most elegant ones.

Shop editor’s fringe edit



#7. Red reigns

how to style wear red outfits to pair with in 2021 winter style
Photo: Fusun LindnerTamu McPhersonHint Of Glamour

The color red is a symbol of passion par excellence and has a way of illuminating any look regardless of your style. Irrespective of whether you wear an all-red look to make your mark, or choose one or more red accessories, don’t let February pass by without wearing something red.

#8. Prints. Winter Fashion Trend.

Alicia Richardson | @hintofglamour

Prints always seem to find a way to come back with each season. If you have printed outfits, especially plaids and checks, this is an opportune time to bring them to the fore of your wardrobe. The key lies in knowing how to mix and blend different prints and solid pieces, and it’s all up to you to choose which are the right ones for your style personality.

Shop editor’s print edit



#9. Sequins

Photo: Instagram | Jessica Wang

Sequins are associated with elegance and the desire to be showy. However, this season you can opt for a top, trousers, or a dress covered with sequins even during the day, with flat shoes or sneakers. No one is going to fault you for trying to lift your spirits during such a difficult period in history. Sequins on dresses and accessories are a few of the fashion trends selling out this winter.

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