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Why You Should Totally Have a Killer Dress Sense for Work

Why You Should Totally Have a Killer Dress Sense for Work

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For the office, playing dress-up shouldn’t necessarily come first, doing the work should. I agree. But come to think of it, you meet so many people at work, you spend most of your time there. So why should you play down on making an appearance for work. Your dress sense matters a lot at and outside of work and I’ll tell you why.

With the growing influence of lifestyle on every area of living, being fashionable is fast becoming a yardstick in many corners. And also, gone are the days when fashion influencers were only fashion-industry insiders.  So, no you don’t have to be fashion oriented to have a good dress sense for work, you just have to care about your appearance. And in this article, we want to give you more reasons to.

Appearance Matters

In the movie Ugly Betty, The first thing Amanda said to Betty on her first day at work was, “Are you looking for somebody? Are you delivering Something?” Betty’s dressing was a disaster and an ‘insignificant’ front desk staff concluded that her dressing was as good enough as the delivery lady’s. In a world where people are constantly passing judgments, don’t let your appearance give them a reason to downplay your significance.

You Spend the Most Part of Your Day at Work

If you are going to spend the most part of your day at a place, that means you are going to be meeting people, leaving an impression, uploading your work photos on social media. People are going to look at you whether you look good or bad…give them something worthwhile.

Spice-up Your Work

It becomes something more to look forward to. Instead of focusing on how boring your job is, if it is, or how draining, stringent – and all the words you can think of about work – your work conditions are, curating a killer ensemble for work becomes something to look forward to.

Set the Trend

I remember when I was recruited at a certain office, flip-flops and a don’t-really-care-about-style attitude was the norm there. But after a few months of being there I set a new trend and being stylish was the new norm. I sound became well known for my charming appearance and of course, the great work I did.

You Become The Preferred One

The boss always likes that on-point-with-her-style staff. This will put you at the forefront of making presentations, wooing clients, and raking in deals. And we all know these comes with perks too.

Build Your Confidence

Confidence and dress sense go hand in hand. Kim Kardashian playing the role of the corky staff in the movie Temptations of the Marriage Counselor would ooze confidence as she walked the hallways of her office. She knew she had a killer dress sense and confidence was a by-product of that assurance.

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