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Why Did Prince William Attend his Ex’s Wedding all the Way in Kenya?

Why Did Prince William Attend his Ex’s Wedding all the Way in Kenya?


The internet went ablaze when news broke that Prince William traveled all the way to Kenya to attend the wedding of his ex-girlfriend Jessica Craig over the Easter holiday. The story raised even more eyebrows when it came to light that Princess Kate didn’t accompany him. Royal watchers scrambled all over place to find out if all was well in Buckingham palace.

jecca craig exchanging wedding vows

It soon came to light that the Prince dated Craig when he was just 16 and the two met while the prince was traveling through Africa the year before he enrolled in university. Apparently, Prince William also proposed to Kate on the Craig family’s safari reserve and had previously attended the wedding of Craig’s brother.

With all these emerging facts it’s possible that both families do have a great relationship and understanding. As with all matters of the heart, it’s all about both parties having an  being agreement. 

Standard wedding etiquette suggests that exes should be left off the guest list but exceptions are always allowed. For instance, if you and an ex broke up because you both have the same genotype, AS, then inviting them to your wedding isn’t much of a faux pas.

So would you invite your ex to your wedding or would you mind if your wife or husband-to-be invited his or her ex? I’d really love to read your take on this.

Written by Idy Itinah

Photo credit: Vanity fair, From Berkshire to Buckingham

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