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Who’s Tonye? See Stunning New Promo Photos of Triple MG’s First Lady

Who’s Tonye? See Stunning New Promo Photos of Triple MG’s First Lady


Triple MG’s first lady Tonye Garrick has just released stunning new promo photos shot by Sunmisola Olorunisola and styled by Bubu Ogisi. Every image of the gorgeous songstress is like something out of a fashion lookbook.

As if announcing her intent to conquer the airwaves, the beach-themed shoot features Tonye in bold outfits and fierce superwoman/diva-like poses.

If you’re just getting to know Tonye, here’s a bit about her background:

“Born in England, Tonyé spent most of her childhood and adult years in Paris, Nigeria, and Washington, DC. From a very young age, she had already begun forging her musical path as she dabbled in dance and theatrical arts both in and outside of school. After obtaining a Bachelors’ degree in International Business & Fashion Merchandising from Marymount University, she did a stint in Corporate America. While she reached many heights in her corporate career, her love for music pushed her to reignite her childhood passion.” Click here for more on Tonye.

In April 2016, she officially signed on with popular record label TripleMG run by Ubi Franklin and star musician Iyanya.

Continue to see more photos from the recent shoot.





Tonye on the Rocks





In Living Colour



Black Out


Tonye-Garrick 1

Creative Team:
Styling : @BubuOgisi
Photography: @Sunmisola_olorunnisola
Make Up: @Shomya_lag

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