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Weekend Casual Style With Toke Makinwa | Hey Fashionistas!

Weekend Casual Style With Toke Makinwa | Hey Fashionistas!

There are some people who seem to be blessed by the gods of fashion so much that they have become mini-gods themselves and best-selling author Toke Makinwa is one of such people.

The presenter and Ciroc ambassador is a sight for sore eyes; from her head to her toes, there is never a piece out of place and she works hard to keep it that way. If you say Toke Makinwa’s style is flawless then you would be right.

Whether its time for dressing up or dressing down (which for Toke isn’t really dressing down), the star has got everything pieced and paired to perfection, leaving us mere mortals to bask in her awesomeness.

Although you might not have as much fashion prowess as the Toke, you could do some justice to her style by mimicking her looks this weekend and every other weekend henceforth…we’ve given you permission to if you need one. Remember, the weekend is for fun, flirting and having a good time and what better person to inspire our look than the queen of sun herself, Tokstarr!

Scroll through to see some of the Toke Makinwa’s style we’ve selected for your casual weekend fashion insight.

Some of you might be wondering “How would we be able to achieve or attempt to mimic her style?”

Well darlings, if you take a close look at her ensembles in the above photobook you would find simple piece pairings like joggers and bralet combo, kimono and jeans combo, joggers and off-the-shoulder combo and a bunch of others. You just need to get creative with mixing and styling up the simple pieces you’ve got in your wardrobe.

Photo credit: IG | @Toke Makinwa

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