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7 Unique Ways To Style Skirts This Summer

7 Unique Ways To Style Skirts This Summer


Skirts are all in this summer. From the long ones you can wear with a pair of sneakers, to mini skirts and the African prints, you will indeed be spoiled for choice with these trendy staples. With such a wide array of options, why not leave the jeans in the closet and start showing off your legs in gorgeous skirts? 

Feminine and timeless, skirts have always been the strong point of women’s wardrobe and lend themselves to any look, including casual and formal ones. This quintessential feminine piece comes in all forms this year from mini to midi and maxi! You can opt for several different types of skirts, according to your desires and your moods provided you are comfortable in them and they complement your physique. Have fun mixing looks and styles.

Idia Aisien

When it comes to wearing skirts, age is no barrier as women of all ages can look good and chic in any skirt they choose. Whether you are a teenager, in your thirties, or over forty, the skirt is a sensation. If it seems difficult to envision summer without revealing parts of your tanned legs, here is the perfect opportunity to treat yourself to an overview of trendy skirts.

Here are the 7 trendy skirts to wear this summer…

#1. Ankara Skirt + Sports Top + Jacket

Lisa Folawiyo

Whatever your favorite style of skirts, this summer wear them printed! Stripes, flowers, polka dots, or even the Ankara print which trumps all prints if you are going for a tribal chic look. Choose your favorite print and combine it in a chic way. Here, Lisa Folawiyo plays with the details of her look as she combined her Ankara mini skirt with a matching jacket that features cut-out details in its sleeve. To incorporate the West into her African look, she opted for a Celine jersey crop top.

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#2. Maxi Skirt + Crop Top

Ini Dima-Okojie

The long skirt is a long-standing ally we like to wear in summer. In the summer heat, it emphasizes the silhouettes and conceals the complexes. Maxi skirts are a wild card that you can play at any time plus they are very comfortable and versatile. You can combine them with t-shirts, crop tops, as well as lighter blouses.

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#3. Midi Skirt + Oversize Shirt

Jariatu Danita

High waisted, pleated or otherwise, the midi skirt never stops turning heads. What makes them even special is how they sit stylishly between mini and maxi as though luring you in, but not giving too much away. Flared, light or warm, the midi skirt exudes timeless elegance and glamour. You can still show off your legs with the introduction of a slit.

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#4. Mini Skirt + Graphic Tee

Ini Edo

Mini skirts are a must-have this summer because they are seductive and comfortable at the same time. Both a symbol of feminine emancipation and an indisputable fashion basic, the mini skirt is everywhere. Since the 60s, it has represented certain freedom of thought expressed by the way of dressing. The mini skirt reveals the legs, sublimates femininity, and frees movement. Pair it with a cheeky t-shirt for a more casual vibe.

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#5. Pleated Skirt + Matching Shirt

Chic Ama

Well known in the wardrobes of little girls and lovers of kilts, the pleated skirt is fizzy and perfect for women this summer. Breaking with its past of single toned hues, the pleated skirt is now available in a multitude of materials and patterns for unsuspected results that are always very trendy.

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#6. Wrap Skirt + Leather Jacket

Ama Godson

The wrap skirt is among the chicest and feminine skirts to own this summer. It is in fact a type of skirt that hugs the silhouette and, depending on its length, enhances the legs and waistline. If you choose a brightly colored skirt like Ama Godson, keep the rest of your looks simple in muted tones.

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#7. Asymmetric Skirt + Colorful Top


The asymmetrical skirt is a piece to wear this season as it gives your look a romantic flair. The irregular and strategic cuts make it unique compared to other types of skirts. Also, because they are asymmetrical, they give a flattering slimming effect. For a romantic evening, pair them with a colorful top and a pair of strappy heels.

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