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Want To Lose Weight? Probiotics May Be What You Need + Other Benefits

Want To Lose Weight? Probiotics May Be What You Need + Other Benefits

It is one thing to look your best and another to feel your best. Both go hand in hand, and here at Style Rave want you to be the best version of yourself and live your best healthy and fashionable life every day. In the past few years, there has been a rise in the use probiotics in fighting bacterial imbalance within the gut microbiome which actually affects everything in our body from mental health to weight gain/loss and all the in betweens.

According to functional-medicine expert Frank Lipman, MD, probiotics are good bacteria that promote a healthy digestive system. They help combat harmful bacteria; aid in absorbing nutrients and proper digestion; promote a strong gut lining, reduce infections and inflammation by enhancing the body’s immune system, and also help in optimizing our moods.

Investing in probiotics (think yoghurt, kefir, pickles etc.) could turn your life around in more ways than one. Here are 5 ways probiotics could benefit your well-being.

1. Probiotics balance gut bacteria

An imbalance in the bacteria in your digestive system could lead to varying health issues such as mental illnesses, digestive issues and allergies. Introducing probiotics which are referred to as good bacteria into your system help balance your gut bacteria and restore it to normal, or at least near normal.

2. Probiotics can aid in losing belly fat and overall body weight
Probiotics can help you store less fat, feel fuller for a longer period of time, burn calories faster etc all by increasing the levels of certain hormones such as GLP-1. A study showed dieting women who took Lactobacillus rhamnosus for 3 months lost 50% more weight than women who didn’t take a probiotic.

3. Probiotics help improve mental health

Recent studies show a correlation between a person’s gut health and their mood and mental health. An increasing number of health experts suggest using probiotics to create a balance of good and bad bacteria in your digestive track. This can help with mental issues like anxiety, autism, depression and obsessive compulsive disorder.

4. Probiotics help boost your immune system
Certain probiotics have been proven to help boost the production of natural antibodies in the body and also boost immune cells like the natural killer cells, IgA-producing cells and T lymphocytes. Studies have also shown that regular intake of probiotics reduce both the likelihood and duration of respiratory infections.

5. Probiotics help in the treatment of diarrhea

Diarrhea sometimes kick off after one has taken antibiotics which can affect the balance of good and bad bacteria. Probiotics help fight the severity or prevent diarrhea. Researches show that probiotics are responsible for over 42% of reduced cases of antibiotics-induced diarrhea.

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