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5 Vintage Fashion Trends We Can’t Say No To

5 Vintage Fashion Trends We Can’t Say No To


Every now and then, a trip to grandma’s house is always a good idea. Asides her great cooking and smothering, her wardrobe is another place you can find more reasons to love her. When you spot that waistcoat or print scarf Balenciaga just showcased at fashion week in grannie’s wardrobe, it will hit you that fashion is indeed cyclic in nature.  online vintage clothing stores

There’s really nothing new in the fashion world. Just like people, fashion trends come and go but the good thing about trends is that you can bet they will return at some point in your lifetime. That’s exactly the case with these vintage trends. And for most of them, they’ve never really left and have become a staple in every woman’s wardrobe.

Check out the vintage clothing trends we can’t get enough of…

#1. Waistcoats

Instagram | theladyvhodka

The waistcoat isn’t just for the gentleman at a formal event or the uppity waiter at a fancy restaurant. Some years back, I bumped into a waistcoat while decluttering and I wish my sixth sense nudged me to hold on to it a little longer. Thanks to celebrities like Bella Hadid who rock these vests [if you want to say it the bougie way] effortlessly, this vintage piece is back like it never left.

#2. Print scarves

Instagram | tostos_

This vintage trend is back and is the IT right now. Print scarves just might be all the chic-ness that outfit needs. Tie it around your head, neck or even on your favorite solid colored handbag for that extra-ness. online vintage clothing stores

#3. Slip dress

Instagram | Jadorefashion

Started as undies now we’re here. The silk body flattering effortless slip dress [yes, they’re all that and more] are back and at the fashion forefront. From Marilyn Monroe’s wardrobe to our present time, this deathless piece remains unfazed. You could rock it as a full blown dress to that evening cocktail or layer it on a turtleneck top for a millenial chic look.

#4. Knitwear

Instagram | ada_oguntudu

Crochet tops are back this Spring and we welcome them with arms stretched wide open––a little dramatic but you get the point. This vintage trend from the ‘60s is back with a bit of a makeover. Try layering it over a dress or just throw them on and pair with denim for that breezy casual look.

#5. Voluminous collars

Instagram | femmeblk

Peter pan has nothing on you with this exaggerated collar trend. You can wear it alone or layered. But I’ll say, layering for the win! Think layered looks are not for you? Think again––this time think long and hard. If you weren’t around in the ‘70s to rock this look, 2020 is your chance. online vintage clothing stores

We’re in a time when trends come and go at the bat of an eyelid, so jump on these vintage trends now. So when your daughter comes to you decades later trying to show off her “trendy” slip dress, you’ll just snort, square your shoulders and drop a “been there, done that” throwback picture on her laps. Yes Queen!

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